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RMF Best Blogs Compilation

Sadly we haven’t really been able to get out fishing much due to the weather and our work editing Locating Livies. Hence no fishing video this week. It’s an RMF best blogs compilations and thanks for tuning in.

In the email that we send to our community, I was extolling the virtues of taking time out from being “busy”. Like stress and busy is a badge of honour (slowly killing us).

So instead of running ourselves ragged creating something new, this week I’m recycling some of our older blogs into simple categories to make it easy for you to digest.

It’s our way of practicing what we preach in terms of lifestyle and taking time for “us”.

Let’s face it, the chase for “more” (more time, more money, a better car, a different table, politer kids, a more attentive husband, a less nagging wife, creating a new blog every week) leaves us in a position of not enough – which in turn leads to more of the chase for more. It’s a never-ending cycle driving us all nuts.

Being aware of this cycle we can actively choosing to do things we really enjoy. This will allow us to lead happier and healthier lives. And when the ones we love watch us putting on our oxygen mask first, they start doing it too.

So scroll down through our RMF best blogs compilation and hopefully discover a few you haven’t seen yet.









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Karen Rudkin

Karen Rudkin-Moody became hooked on fishing after being introduced to the sport in 1989. Karen is a marine biologist specializing in estuarine marine protected areas, finishing her successful career in Queensland Marine Parks as Ranger In Charge of the Wet Tropics region within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Karen now works with her husband, accomplished fishing guide Ryan Moody, encouraging people to get away from their computers and into the great outdoors.

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