Cardwell Crocodile no dog eater

Poor old Bruiser/Bismark the Cardwell Crocodile is in the news again, although I suspect witnesses could have got it wrong.

I have personally seen this bloke cruise up and down the beach while I am walking my dog, while people are casting nets for bait and fishing on the waters edge.

Personally, I have never seen him even look remotely interested.

We have however witnessed him eat a number of turtles (I suspect the old codger doesn’t even have to catch them eating dead ones quite happily).

I also must admit that a dead turtle with entrails hanging out – could look like a dog to some people.

The possibility that it could have been a turtle, one of his favourite meals, has not even been mentioned in the hysteria.

I love watching him cruise up and down the beach and so do many others as people flock from near and far to watch him and would hate to have him convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. To spend the rest of his long days caged in a cramped croc farm or worse – some European ladies handbag.

Remember if we take him out of this area, it leaves the door open for another dominant male to move in – one perhaps not quite so friendly.

The footage in the video was taken only last week. I followed him for 400 m along the beach and he did what he always does – just cruises along. I personally think he is a tourist attraction. How about erect some more educational signs on the waterfront to inform visitors of his presence rather than take him away? That’s just my personal opinion. What do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Postcript: Bismark the Cardwell croc was shot and killed in 2019. So many of us have boated and fished around him for many years and are saddened by this callous act.

Since then a new croc has moved in and taken two dogs that we know of. One filmed in this grainy clip. Warning graphic footage. 


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Ryan Moody

Ryan Moody started his fishing career on the reef boats before catching bucket list marlin for the likes of champion heavy tackle angler Johnno Johnson, INXS and the King of Sweden. Branching out in the late 80's to guided barramundi fishing, Ryan has made a name for himself as a Big Barramundi specialist and to date has put clients onto over 2000 metre plus barra. That is over 2 kilometres of metre plus barra! With attitudes changing from 'keep all you can' towards catch and release, Ryan has decided to share his extensive knowledge and hopefully inspire people of all ages to get out from behind the computer screen/TV and into the fishing outdoors lifestyle he has spent his life perfecting.

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  • Karen Williams🌸

    Reply Reply March 7, 2019

    Hi Ryan,
    I’m having my own private memorial for Bismarck as I live in NSW.
    Thanks for reporting it.
    My heart is deeply saddened.
    I loved him too.
    Yours Karen

  • Belinda

    Reply Reply January 11, 2015

    Try looking up save bruiser on facebook

  • Belinda Spinks

    Reply Reply April 25, 2014

    Crocs at 5 mile??? I live there and swim there. Everyday. … gulp!

  • Stephen Gear

    Reply Reply April 14, 2014

    Definitely leave it alone. Just make sure that the appropriate signs are up, warning about Crocodiles.

  • peter kocica

    Reply Reply February 20, 2014

    hi ryan, is that the croc you have on footage near Hecate point or is that one bigger.i do spearfish in those waters as well as other croc infested waters and if I was taken by a croc I would not want it removed or killed as I am in there territory. but when a crocodile starts coming into populated areas such as the foreshore it will only be enivitable that it has a go at a human one day if the oppitunity arises. cause there sole purpose in life is to eat so they survive

    • Ryan

      Reply Reply February 21, 2014

      Hi Peter, there are 3 dominant males in the northern end. Bruiser has 3 to 4 females that he keeps an eye on, 3 are in Meunga ck and one in the marina. They are all around 3 to 3.5mt long. That’s why he wanders between the 2 areas a lot. The dominant male at hecate is bigger than bruiser and is more narly so he could easily come over and take over bruisers territory if they decide to trap him. Having the Hecate pt croc wandering the beach might be a different kettle of fish. The other dominant male moves between 5 mile and Damper ck and he has around 3 to 4 females down there too. Our croc is rather well behaved so I recon they should leave him be for now, because another one will move in once he has gone and it might have a different attitude, cheers

  • Charles Rablin

    Reply Reply February 20, 2014

    The way crocodiles catch their prey is hanging around not looking remotely interested in what they are stalking.

    I could make some wild guesses about the personality of a crocodile but I wouldn’t risk my life on it.

    • Ryan Moody

      Reply Reply February 20, 2014

      For sure Charles – perhaps it was a little presumptuous of me to call him “friendly”. I wouldn’t go swimming with him either. It would just be a shame to lose him because we all can’t be a bit more careful about what we do in and around the water.

  • Jan

    Reply Reply February 19, 2014

    I agree with you Ryan
    Bruiser is probably just cruising his normal route from one creek to another
    I knew a croc on Tiwi Islands -off Darwin . ‘Elvis’ used to regularly appear along a well known route – not harmful , but there were alot of notorious tales about him.
    Please let’s not get hysterical & destroy yet another magnificent marine creatue, just because he (?she) is in an area that humans wander into …

  • Ryan Moody

    Reply Reply February 19, 2014

    Maybe we should start a save Bruiser campaign.

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