Sharpen a knife so it holds it's edge

How to sharpen a fish filleting knife

No one knows how to sharpen a knife better than a butcher, so today we talk to Callan from Cardwell Butchery about how to sharpen a fish filleting knife so that it holds it’s edge. Keeping your knife razor sharp is the key to good fillets and getting the most flesh from the fish frame.…

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Head out on our 40 foot game boat Mood Swings for the day with FNQ fishing legend Ryan Moody, and legendary footballers Andrew ET Ettingshausen and Matty Sing for the trip of a lifetime. Includes $1000 cash generously donated by ABC towing. Two nights accommodation at The Ville Townsville including meals. Plus get your mug…

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RMF knot - modified albright to replace FG knot joining fishing line to leader

Replace FG knot with RMF knot

As you may know, I don’t use a swivel and tie my leader directly to the main line. It’s called the wind on leader system and it’s so we can have a far longer abrasive resistant leader which can be wound directly onto the rod. There are numerous ways to make the connection, and being…

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Inside Barra basics online fishing course

Sneak peek into Barra Basics

Getting lots of questions about Barra Basics so I thought I’d quickly share a sneak peek video we made inside the membership area.     Although it is called Barra Basics, we do add new content from time to time including advanced videos and we also have a private study group on Facebook. For info…

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Trailer wheel bearing changes made easy with this simple and free tooll

Handy wheel bearing tool

Regular trailer maintenance is a must if you want to avoid getting stuck on the side of the road with a breakdown. Launch and boat retrieval in and out of saltwater causes all sorts of damage over time and wheel bearings must be checked and changed regularly. One of the trickiest parts of changing your…

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Designing fishing lures

Fishing lure design with Dave Killalea

Looking at the wall of lures in every tackle shop, I can’t help but think fishing lures catch more anglers than fish. In the right hands however, fishing lures are a very effective angling tool. I personally mostly fish with lures these days as my bung knee plays up when I run down the beach…

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Collectors edition fishing lure

Moody Dog Memorabilia Competition

For all those lure collectors out there…. check this out. Back in September 2016, you may recall, we caught our 2000th massive metre plus saltwater barra for clients. Made the nightly news and everything! The fish was caught on a “Mutt” lure – bronze in colour – with some racing stripes drawn on by Ryan…

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Win a barra charter with Ryan Moody

Win a barra charter competition 2017

WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT Every year at Christmas time we randomly draw a number of prize winners from our Ryan Moody Fishing community. The lucky winners of our 2017 draw are as follows;   Barra Charter with Ryan Moody: Michael Schopp Ryan Moody Fishing Shirt: Edward Weller Ryan Moody Fishing Shirt: Rod Baker Old Dog Lures Pack:…

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Wonky Holes off Cairns

Wonky Holes off Cairns

Every time I find myself travelling long distances in a boat, I’m always on the look out for Wonky Holes! Even to the extent that I veer away from my destination, just to travel to some country that looks indicative on the charts. I think this addiction of 25 years really starting to take hold…

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Easy anchor retrieval using a float

Easy Anchor Retrieval using a float.

Fishing the reef can involve moving around a lot and with the average offshore boat is too big for an electric and too small for an anchor winch. The result is a never ending back breaking task of retrieving your anchor! Unless you have a fit deckie, continually weighing anchor can get a bit tedious…

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