Everything we offer is designed to help you catch quality fish... in less time.

Strategies to catch barramundi

Sounder Skills 2 & Inner Circle

Comprehensive and mind blowing. Sounder Skills 2 is a self-study training program that shows you step-by-step, how to use your fish finder/sounder to find and catch more fish. In the field practical use by master angler Ryan Moody.

How to see fish on your sounder

Sounder Skills 1 [VALUE@$19.99]

Many people struggle to see fish on their sounder and side scan units. In this mini-course we troubleshoot the three most common mistakes people make and show anglers how to get the most out of their marine electronic equipment.

Sounder Interpretation Presentation [FREE]

In this informative (and free) video training, you'll learn how simple strategies to interpret what you see on your sounder and get better readings on your marine electronic equipment.

Sounder interpretation will help you catch more fish

Barra Basics

Using a patented one page flow chart of where to go when, our signature online fishing course has enabled hundreds of anglers to catch a metre plus barramundi. Enrollment is only open a few times per year so click the link below for more information and to get on the wait list.

How to catch barramundi
How to catch scarlet sea perch

Wonky Holes [FREE] Presentation Replay

In 2015 Ryan moody gave a presentation on Wonky Holes (underwater springs) to over 700 people. This is the replay. It covers how they are formed and what they look like on your sounder!

Strategies to catch barramundi

Barra Strategies Workshop [FREE]

Catch more fish in less time! That's what fishing with strategy is all about. Discover the strategies Ryan has used to catch over 2000 massive metre plus saltwater barra!

Threadfin Tactics

These tropical speedsters can be caught anywhere from Brisbane to Broome. They are unpredictable fighters and a premium food fish. Using a flowchart depicting the 3T's, thread-fin tactics online course will put you in the right territory at the right time using the right tools. Includes Brisbane River bonus.

How to catch threadfin salmon

Fingermark Strategies [FREE] Workshop

Catch Fingermark in places you have never dreamed possible - like one metre of water - with Ryan Moody's strategies.

Catch Fingermark in places you have never dreamed possible
How to catch golden snapper

Finding Fingermark

Our newest online fishing course, Finding Fingermark will unlock the secrets to finding these premium grade food fish consistently. Our step by step road map will put you in the right place at the right time no matter what the tide.

Wonky Holes

Everything you need to know to find these honey holes of reds half way to the reef. The keys to getting this right include getting the best out of your electronics and interpreting your equipment correctly.

How to catch scarlet sea perch
Ryan Moody barra fishing charters

Barramundi Fishing Charters

Ryan Moody has RETIRED from charters, after catching quality sports fish for clients for over 30 years including more than 2000 massive metre plus barramundi. In 2018 he hands the reins to his younger brother Ian Moody. Fishing the barra rich waters of either Townsville or Hinchinbrook, Ian continues the family tradition of putting clients onto quality fish using tried and proven techniques.