After 30 years charter fishing, I’ve trialed many glasses and keep coming back to Tonics. The optically ground decentered glass lens is both super light and provides true accuracy of depth and distance – critical when sight casting a moving target. My colour preference is photochromic copper which adjusts to a darker state on intense, glassy days offshore while enhancing fish in the murky waters of creeks and rivers. No matter if you’re a fly casting lure fisho or chasing bait fish in the shallows, you can’t go past a good pair of copper Tonics.

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Photochromic lenses adjust to conditions giving you dawn to dusk vision

All TONIC style lenses feature – Polarisation – with our custom filtration system, Crystalite Glass – the clearest glass lens available, SliceLens – at only 1.7mm thin, lighter than any other lens on the market, VistaView – decentered lens, important for true depth and distance, ARC – anti reflective coating to reduce “bounce back” on the inside of the lens.

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