Pillager (Paint Damaged)

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Sinking Stick Bait 95 mm 26 g

IMPORTANT: The current stock is on sale due to damaged/chipped paint (they came off the paint line and touched each other before being fully dry). There is no issue with the lures catchability. They will work exactly the same as those with pristine paint. We have provided a picture of damage, namely small spots of top coat missing so you can see examples, please note that the damage will vary.

A great alternative to vibing is the sinking stick bait. They can be manipulated while jigging to mimic injured bait using various techniques. They have a horizontal shimmer on the fall which is deadly on all manner of bottom dwellers.
Watch the video demo below.

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I’ve trialed many stick baits for this application in my time as a professional fishing guide, and these are by far the most outstanding performers.

They can be used in the estuaries for barramundi, fingermark and threadfin Salmon. I’ve also used them out as deep as 25 metres chasing large-mouth Nannygai (red snapper) and other deeper reef species.

The other benefit is they can be used as a metal slice. If the pelagics start busting up around you, just cast it out and crank it back as you would a metal slice.
Pillager is a great versatile all-rounder with upgraded 6X hooks and split rings

2 reviews for Pillager (Paint Damaged)

  1. Evatt Farrell (verified owner)

    These lures catch….. something always going to happen when you starting fishing with these. I caught a 80 cm Barra when nothing else worked

  2. Kieran Wilkinson (verified owner)

    My new saltwater PB, 95cm of chrome on an RMF Pillager too!

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