Shallow Diving Hardbody 125mm

Designed with barramundi in mind, these lures are an excellent cloudy and dirty water go to with an amazing slow roll that hungry barra can’t resist. However, I have also used them with success on the reef flats chasing coral trout and in open water chasing Spanish Mackerel. Used in the right situation they will catch all manner of tropical sports fish.
Watch the video demo below.

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Internal weights shoot to the back when casting and help avoid backlashes, making casting into the wind a breeze (pardon the pun). They also rattle creating interest in dirty water.

I’ve used a lot of lures in my time as a professional guide and these are a standout. Hence we decided to stock them!

With upgraded 3X hooks for big Aussie fish and our own colours developed over years on the water, Scaleblazer is a tried and proven design, with tweaks based on my years of experience.