Electric motor support bracket

Electric motor support bracket

After years watching my electric motor bash the deck when we hit chop, I’m surprised I never thought to add an electric motor support bracket.

Electric motors are in my view one of the best inventions since sliced bread. But boy do they cop a pounding.

Perched on the front of the boat, it gets hammered.

Enter the Lecky Leg!

Back in the day during my years as a barra guide, I not only used one anchor but two. See my blog on boat positioning with two anchors here.

But those days are certainly gone now we have Electric Motors with GPS spot lock.

After years of weighing anchor, I won’t go fishing if my electric is not operational. I have become a bit lazy with age.

The Lecky Leg is a support bracket that stops the motorhead bashing on the deck each time you hit a wave.

It also saves the launching mechanisms from damage through pounding.

Then neatly sits parallel to the leg when the motor is deployed.

Lecky Leg electric motor support bracket deployed.

Lecky Leg electric motor support bracket deployed.

Lecky Leg electric motor support bracket retracted once the motor is in use.

Lecky Leg support bracket retracted once the motor is in use.



Made and designed in Australia

The Lecky Leg is a simple invention and is made and designed here in Australia. North Queensland in fact.

Upon ordering, I received a message to measure my electric so the bracket would suit.

The key is to ensure the support bracket is a bit higher than the motorhead resting height. Otherwise, it too will bounce up and down in the chop.

We made a quick video on the deployment and operation of the Lecky Leg. Which you can watch below.



Built to last

For the tech-heads, the Lecky Leg is made of high-grade marine plastic. That way you don’t need to worry about rust or your product fading.

There is NO drilling, NO screwing, only clamping!!

And as I mention in the video, the Lecky Leg folds away at 180’c against the shaft so it doesn’t get in the way of your cables.

To measure the size of the Lecky leg, you need to measure from the deck/gunnel to the underneath of the shaft. Add 5-10 mm depending on the slack on your motor.

There are directions on the Lecky Leg website.



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