Easy anchor retrieval using a float

Easy Anchor Retrieval using a float.

Fishing the reef can involve moving around a lot and with the average offshore boat is too big for an electric and too small for an anchor winch.

The result is a never ending back breaking task of retrieving your anchor!

Unless you have a fit deckie, continually weighing anchor can get a bit tedious and on a social trip it’s easy to get lazy and not want to move – thus reducing catches as you end up fishing near enough but not ON the fish.

Back in the days of my reef charters I would sometime move up to 20 times if the situation was not ideal for drifting.

OMG glad those days are over haha.

But to avoid all that you can use a float to do the heavy lifting for you!

They are readily available at most boat chandlerys and simply slip onto your rope and slide down as you drive off.

Watch for the float to disappear under the surface – this indicates it has locked on to your anchor stem.

Then return picking up the slack rope as you go. Easy!


On this particular day with my mate Ruffy we landed around 40 odd coral trout – releasing many of them as they were caught in shallow water.

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Ryan Moody started his fishing career on the reef boats before catching bucket list marlin for the likes of champion heavy tackle angler Johnno Johnson, INXS and the King of Sweden. Branching out in the late 80's to guided barramundi fishing, Ryan has made a name for himself as a Big Barramundi specialist and to date has put clients onto over 2000 metre plus barra. That is over 2 kilometres of metre plus barra! With attitudes changing from 'keep all you can' towards catch and release, Ryan has decided to share his extensive knowledge and hopefully inspire people of all ages to get out from behind the computer screen/TV and into the fishing outdoors lifestyle he has spent his life perfecting.

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  • Barry

    Reply Reply May 15, 2019

    Great video on anchor retreaval. Where do you get the ring that unclips off rope. Barry Adelaide

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