Ryan Moody Fishing lures

Ryan Moody Fishing Lures

Gosh after all the fanfare and tech issues, the Ryan Moody Fishing lures are finally available!

Here’s a quick video about them and links below to buy now.



We have had so many technical difficulties getting the software sorted to deliver these babies so I reckon they will go pretty fast

You can grab some for your tackle box using the links below.

Which Ryan Moody Fishing lure should I buy?

Here is some info about each of them.

Pillager: Sinking Stick Bait 95 mm 26 g.

A great alternative to vibing is the sinking stick bait. Pillager can be manipulated while jigging to mimic injured bait using various techniques. They have a horizontal shimmer on the fall which is deadly on all manner of bottom dwellers.

I’ve trialled many stick baits for this application in my time as a professional fishing guide, and these are by far the most outstanding performers.

The Ryan Moody fishing lure Pillager can be used in the estuaries for barramundi, fingermark and threadfin Salmon. I’ve also used them out as deep as 25 metres chasing large-mouth Nannygai (red snapper) and other deeper reef species.

The other benefit is they can be used as a metal slice. If the pelagics start busting up around you, just cast it out and crank it back as you would a metal slice.

Lure Hardware

Ryan Moody Fishing lures Pillager is a great versatile all-rounder with upgraded 6X hooks and split rings.

Price: $15.99

Shipping and handling supporting local jobs (standard) $12.99 Express $16.99

Free shipping for orders over $100.

Pillager Colours:
  1. LUMO
  3. BLUE
  4. GOLD
  5. GREEN


Ryan Moody Fishing lures Pillager

The Pillager is so versatile! The flutter on the fall is irresistible to most fish.

Pillager lumo glow

Let there be light. Pillager lumo glows in the dark.

Scaleblazer: Shallow Diving Hardbody 125mm

Designed with barramundi in mind, the Ryan Moody Fishing lure Scaleblazer are an excellent cloudy and dirty water go to with an amazing slow roll that hungry barra can’t resist. However, I have also used them with success on the reef flats chasing coral trout and in open water chasing Spanish Mackerel. Used in the right situation they will catch all manner of tropical sports fish.

Internal weights shoot to the back when casting and help avoid backlashes, making casting into the wind a breeze (pardon the pun). They also rattle creating interest in dirty water.

I’ve used a lot of lures in my time as a professional guide and these are a standout. Hence we decided to stock them!

Lure Hardware

Ryan Moody Fishing lures have upgraded 3X hooks for big Aussie fish and our own colours developed over years on the water. Scaleblazer is a tried and proven design, with tweaks based on my years of experience.

Price: $16.99

Scaleblazer Colours:
  1. GOLD
  3. BLUE
  4. FLURO


Ryan Moody Fishing lures Scaleblazer

One my favourites modified to my specs with colour contrasts and upgraded hardware. Scaleblazer is a proven big barra catcher.


Fishing lures are my favourite way to catch tropical sportsfish. Important to use braided line so you can feel every vibration and is much more direct (monofilament is for live baiting).

We are starting pretty small with this shop but have big plans. Into the future we hope to stock most items we use regularly that are tried and proven additions to Ryan's tackle box.

As part of the Ryan Moody Fishing lure purchase process, we will also send you a video on how to best use them.


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About The Author

Karen Rudkin

Karen Rudkin-Moody became hooked on fishing after being introduced to the sport in 1989. Karen is a marine biologist specializing in estuarine marine protected areas, finishing her successful career in Queensland Marine Parks as Ranger In Charge of the Wet Tropics region within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Karen now works with her husband, accomplished fishing guide Ryan Moody, encouraging people to get away from their computers and into the great outdoors.

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  • Jeffrey

    Reply Reply March 24, 2022

    Hi Ryan,

    Do you have any plans to bring out the pillaged in heavier weights? 40g would be ideal, just 26g is a bit light.


    • Karen Rudkin

      Reply Reply April 6, 2022

      Not at this point as we are having a supplier issue, however it is something we will look at once we get a new manufacturer. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Ryan Moody

      Reply Reply April 15, 2022

      Yeah mate we are looking into a heavier model. Just got issues with covid delays with our supplier getting some samples etc.

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