Fishing FNQ for top eating fish like coral trout

Fishing FNQ

Here’s some highlights of us Fishing FNQ in late 2020 with our new videographer Kane Chenoweth.

The image quality has improved somewhat now our filming is in the hands of a professional!

Fishing FNQ

In the last months we have had some great adventures fishing between Cardwell and Cooktown.

Some of the trips are not yet edited, but before we go on our Christmas break, we thought we’d provide a highlights video plus a few pics to hint at what is to come.



We have had some amazing adventures but of course MY highlight was the barra duel with my son Col. He won but I was proud as punch nonetheless. Obviously the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!

Barra competition winning fish

Biggest fish of the day was 115 cm and went to my son Col.

And we had some fun in the fin fish closure picking up this nice GT slow pitch jigging..

Slow pitch jigging while fishing FNQ resulted in this nice GT (giant trevally)

Slow pitch jigging is a top way to catch the Gangsta of the ocean while fishing FNQ. The GT or giant trevally.

Still to come fishing Far North Queensland.

Whilst writing this blog we still have several trips that are currently being edited.

We have headed north of our new boat ramp (yes we moved to Cairns) and did some exploratory searching.

This resulted in some nice Saddle tail snapper (large-mouth Nannygai).

Fishing FNQ often results in Saddletail Snapper

I could catch these Saddletail Snapper all day but we only take enough for a feed, typically one off a deep spot like this guy with barotrauma. They also release well if caught in shallower water like Wonky Holes.

When caught on shallow Wonky Holes large mouth nannygai release well.

When caught on shallow Wonky Holes large mouth nannygai release well. This guy had a bit of bloat but no eye damage and swam off well.


If you're interested in learning to find spots containing these terrific fish, check out our Wonky Holes course.

One of our most spectacular adventures was circumnavigated Hinchinbrook Island. It really was the most amazing day.

And you can't go fishing FNQ without chasing some quality Fingermark! So that is one of our upcoming vids as well.

If you like fingermark and want to catch MORE - sign up here for our free Fingermark Strategies workshop.

The last few days have been spent visiting Cooktown. We caught a selection of different species casting stick baits over the flats. It was a ton of fun and we have a great video coming on that day.

Plus we explored wide of Cairns and Karen got to jump in with a Manta Ray. She was stoked.

Fishing the GBR is so diverse you never know what is going to happen.

Here are some pics of what is in store in our upcoming Fishing FNQ videos!

Glamour days fishing FNQ

Glamour days fishing far north Queensland in the last few months.

Maori wrasse on a stick bait

Maori wrasse on a stick bait.

McIver River north of Cooktown

Fishing FNQ: McIver River north of Cooktown.

Spectacular Hinchinbrook Island

Spectacular Hinchinbrook Island

Swimming with a Manta Ray while fishing FNQ

Karen swimming with a Manta Ray.

Coral trout

Coral trout are one of the voracious predators you'll encounter fishing FNQ.

Fingermark or Golden Snapper

Fingermark are a prized eating fish in northern Australia.


So there you have it... What we've been up to fishing FNQ lately. Plenty in store for 2021 and much more to come.

We hope you are enjoying our new fishing content.

It is SOOO much easier to get out fishing when we have a professional doing the filming and editing. (thanks so much Kane).

We will be having a bit of a break over Christmas and only checking in to assist our fish smarter students with tech support.

So please be patient if we don't get to your queries immediately.

Feel free to look over some of our past blogs to keep you entertained over the Xmas break.


Hope you enjoyed our fishing FNQ highlights vid and wish you all a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

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