Slow pitch jigging resulted in this nice GT (giant trevally)

Slow pitch jigging for GTs in the Fin Fish Closure

Slow pitch jigging for GTs is a super fun way to pass the time during the fin fish closure.

So I grabbed my good mate Benny and headed out last month for a ton of fun.

Conditions were GLASS and it didn’t take us long to get onto a good fish!

Check out our newest video slow pitch jigging for GT’s….



The coral reef fin fish closure is designed to protect species that mass spawn at certain times of the year. 

This covers many bottom dwelling species such as

  • Cods and groupers
  • Coral Trout
  • Emperors
  • Fusiliers
  • Parrot fish
  • Surgeon fish
  • Sweet lips
  • Tropical snappers and sea perch
  • Wrasse

There are some exceptions and they can be found on the Fisheries website together with size limits and other regulations.

Slow Pitch Jigging for GT's.

Slow pitch jigging for the Gangsta of the ocean, GT or giant trevally.

Slow pitch jigging for the Gangsta of the ocean, GT or giant trevally.

In a previous blog we covered the many ways one can fish for GT's (short for Giant Trevally).

We included traditional methods including....

Casting poppers, trolling poppers, fly fishing, cranking metal slices, using soft plastics and vibes.

But we didn't cover slow pitch jigging.

In comparison to traditional methods it is more "modern" and a very effective way to catch them.

Since the weather was glamour and the fin fish closure was on, I decided to take a run out with my mate Benny to see if we could clash with a big GT.

These fish are not called the GANGSTA of the ocean for nothing.

They pull like freight trains especially the larger specimens.

Assessing a fishing spot using the sounder.

Benny and I discussing the best options using my Garmin sounder.

Gold spot trevally are also a fun sportsfish but not much chop to eat.

Golden trevally are also a fun sportsfish you'll catch while slow pitch jigging for GT's. And like a big GT they are not much chop to eat so we release them. This one however took a bait jig!

After tussling very gently with a golden trevally that took a bait jig, we managed a nice GT.

Gear used.

Giant Trevally can come in some seriously big models so you want to be prepared.

Rod: Noeby infinite slow jigging NBSJ631M

Reel: Quantum smoke inshore 50

Line: Rovex 20lb Viros

Jig: 80 gram Twitch lures Trout treat (currently unavailable but we hope to find some more soon).

slow pitch jigs are great for other species as well

Slow pitch jigs are great for other species as well (like this Nannygai). Just not in the fin fish closure!

So if you missed it the video of the day is at the top of this post (scroll up to the blue arrows).

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