Use whatever toppings you prefer to build out your fresh fish wrap.

Catch and Cook – Fish Wraps Recipe.

Next time you catch some fresh fish, try this catch and cook fish wraps recipe.

It’s a quick and easy way to prepare fresh fish for the table and the kids will love it.

Every catch and cook fresh fish recipe starts with the catching!

For that we headed to Cooktown, in Far North Queensland.

After catching a beautiful Nannygai (Scarlet Sea Perch), we cooked up a storm and had fresh fish for dinner.




When fishing a relatively new area, I like to explore and find my own spots.

So the first step in any catch and cook expedition is to find the fish!

First steps finding good fish for our fresh fish recipe.

The Cooktown area is alive with Wonky Holes.

If you don't know what they are, take a look at some of our previous blog posts on Wonky Holes.

But before I stumbled across something promising, we saw some pelagics busting on the surface.

Northern Blues, Mack Tuna and some queenies on a school of bait.

Double hook up while catching fresh fish for dinner.

Double hook up while catching fresh fish for dinner. Sam used a metal slice and I used a floating stick bait. We are thinking of stocking lures soon so this is some great R&D to try out the prototypes.

Queenfish caught on lure

Casting at pelagics busting on the surface yields results - but not what we are chasing for our catch and cook fish wraps recipe.


To explore the area I used my GARMIN 8412 with GT51 transducer.

This allows me to look for anomalies in the bottom that indicate a closer look is required.

To help you get the most of your electronics, we cover the fundamentals in our Sounder Skills 1 course.

It's only $20 Australian at the moment and well worth a look.

If you don't learn anything let me know and I'll give you your money back.

How to use your fish finder

Our most popular course to get you finding new spots and catching good fish.


Eureka - found the spot now lets catch us dinner!

The effort involved in finding new spots is negligible when you consider the results.

We rarely if ever freeze fish - as we find it relatively easy even in a new area, to come home with fresh fish for dinner.

If you do struggle, we have our fish smarter fishing courses to help - 35 years of my fishing short cuts and secrets.

So for this fresh fish recipe, we wanted some white fleshed fish like Scarlet Sea Perch or Coral Trout.

Bream, Flathead or Whiting will also be great for a catch and cook like this.


Garmin 8412 with GT51

It pays to know exactly how to interpret your fish finder when looking for new spots.I have a couple of GARMIN 8412's in this boat 

Fresh fish for our fresh fish recipe

A double hook up of Scarlet Sea Perch were the order of the day for our fresh fish recipe.


Gear Used


Rod: Quantum Smoke Inshore 621BC

Reel: Quantum Reliance PT

Lures: Various - the best ones we will stock in our shop from May 2021

Line: 30lb Rovex braid with 60lb Ande mono leader.

Knots used.

Wind on leader system

Perfection loop to attach lures.


Fresh Fish Recipe - Catch and Cook Fish Wraps.

Nannygai (Scarlet Sea Perch) fillets

Lovely fresh fish - nothing better for a healthy meal.

Flour fresh fish pieces using a plastic bag.

Flour and flavour (salt and pepper and whatever herbs you like) using a plastic bag reduces mess.

BBQ fresh fish

Use generous amounts of pil on the BBQ when cooking floured fresh fish on medium heat until golden.

Golden fresh fish pieces ready for our fish wraps

Part of our fresh fish recipe is golden cooked pieces ready to build out our fish wraps.

Fresh fish wrap

Add whatever toppings you prefer to build out your fresh fish wrap.

Fresh fish for our fresh fish recipe

And there you have it. Catch and Cook fresh fish wraps. Mere hours after being caught we are enjoying a healthy easy to prepare meal that the kids will love.


I hope you enjoyed the video of our day catching and cooking our fresh fish wrap dinner.

Remember the best way to get onto good fish is to learn to really use your fish finder.

We have two courses, Sounder Skills 1 and 2 and you can find more info on them here >> Sounder/Fish Finder courses.

In addition, here are a few more free resources you may find helpful and entertaining.



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