RMF knot - modified albright to replace FG knot joining fishing line to leader

Easy alternative to FG knot

An easier alternative to the FG knot is the RMF knot!

As you may know, I don’t use a swivel and tie my leader directly to the main line.

It’s called the wind on leader system.

It’s used so we can have a far longer abrasive resistant leader. This is important for fish that head into snags and reef.

But using a long leader with a swivel is a pain when the fish gets close to the boat.

The swivel hits the rod tip and can’t be wound on further.

A wind on leader using a knot that slips through guides can be wound directly onto the rod.

Alternative knots to FG knot.

There are numerous ways to make the connection, and being an old dog, I have for years used the traditional bimini twist to albright knot.

I can tie these two knots in less than a minute. As a result I’m getting baits and lures in the water where they can catch fish.

Baits in the water (and not on deck waiting for a knot to be tied) is why I have practiced and practiced to tie my knots strong and FAST.

The issue today with my tried and true combination is the new jigging rods with micro guides.

I love jigging and catching big fish on lures, and the new jigging rods are fit for purpose and can be used all day. They are great.

But unfortunately my old style bimini albright wind on leader system can get jammed in the micro guides due to the bump on the leading face of the albright knot.


I started using the FG knot.

I have worked out a reasonably easy way to tie it (which you can watch here), but I still can’t do it as quick and easy as my bimini albright combo.

So I set about inventing a modification to the albright which would allow it to run through the micro guides and still be easy to tie.

Watch the video below to learn how to tie our alternative to the FG knot and modified albright I am calling the RMF knot.






Now I do apologies claiming this knot if others have tied it before me.

I don't have time to check You Tube and a million sources.

It's just something I played with and is what I am currently using for my micro jigging.

Here is a close up photo. Note how the extra twists create a ramp to the knot allowing it to slide smoothly through those tiny micro guides.




For those that love the FG knot, I'm not bagging it - horses for courses.

If you'd like to know my easy version of the FG knot I have some links below to show you how.

With live bait and trolling I use the standard wind on leader system also below.

But for micro jigging I now only use my easy alternative to the FG knot!

If you enjoyed the tip please share the link and get it out there to help others. A rising tide lifts all boats as they say.

But before you do, keep reading for more great fishing resources.








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  • Dan

    Reply Reply January 27, 2019

    G’day Ryan,
    A quick question on the RMF knot. Where you have it tapered coming into the rod, does the same problem present on the other side when casting out, that is the knot catching on the eyelets?

    Great channel you have mate.


    • Ryan Moody

      Reply Reply February 4, 2019

      Hi Dan,
      So sorry for the late reply mate, we have been putting the finishing touches on our new course Sounder Skills 2!
      Mate it goes out the other just fine, as long as its trimmed correctly. If you were to leave a daggy tag it would catch, but that would happen even if it were not going through micro guides.
      Cheers mate

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