Techniques fishing with Keitech soft plastics and swimbaits

Techniques for fishing soft plastic lures and swim baits

Fishing with soft plastic lures enables anglers to target numerous Australian fish species from freshwater sooty grunter and jungle perch to the mighty saltwater barramundi.

Soft plastics and swim baits can be retrieved in a variety of ways and flutter in the water column attracting fish.

Weight can also be varied making them flexible for a variety of retrieves and conditions.

Relatively new to the market, KEITECH soft plastic lures and swim baits are making their mark on Australian fishing and are just as effective as any soft vibe.

The FAT swing impact is a ribbed paddletail which works hard even when retrieved at slow speeds. I see this as having brilliant applications for demersal species and can’t wait to try them on bigger barra.

The noisy flapper has the perfect profile for light weight skip casting for mangrove jacks whereas with the crazy flapper, you can experiment by taking a variety of jig heads of varying weights for jigging applications.

I chatted with Ash Cotter from Jarvis Walker Brands about these great little lures to talk about applications and techniques to use them.

And to give you some idea of the great action on these lures, check out the following vids from the Keitech USA page.

They are well worth the watch for an idea of how to retrieve them.

Noisy Flapper – great for skip casting.

Crazy Flapper – great for jigging

Swing Impact Fat – 5.8 is the perfect size for barra!

The action on these lures is just amazing and has so many applications from freshwater impoundments, jigging for fingermark and grunter, and skip casting for mangrove jacks.

If you’ve had some experience with these lures or would just like to add your two bobs, please leave a comment below.

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