Annual boat maintenance

Annual Boat Maintenance for Mood Swings

For those that follow us on social media, you’d know we pulled Mood Swings out for annual boat maintenance last week.

Typically this involves a haul out and slipping the boat.

It also typically involves going way over the budget!

Because after you have pulled her out, a ton of new items get found. And have to be added to the annual boat maintenance list.

We purchased Mood Swings in 2016 as a filming platform for our online fishing courses.

And also for travelling to some great places like Lizard Island.

So we like to keep her annual boat maintenance up to date.

Mood Swings is a 2003 Black Watch 40 with twin Cummins 550’s. So 1100 horses – she goes alright even with a dirty bum.

This is the first in a three video series where we cover what happens when we haul out and slip the boat.

Taking her for a run

Annual boat maintenance on our Black Watch 40 game boat

Pays to take the boat for a run prior to annual boat maintenance. Hauling them out is expensive and we don’t want to miss anything.

Before any haul out we like to take her for a run.

Since we haven’t used the boat for a few months, there are always creases to iron out.

In this video we take our resident engineer Sam with us.

Sam can fix anything!

Plus we do some drills such as fire and man overboard.

It pays to run through who will be doing what in the case of emergency.

Annual Boat Maintenance

After the fire drill we headed off again only to have an engine lose power.

OMG with a boat like this that usually costs $$$$$

Thankfully there was some air in the line after shutting off fuel for the fire drill. Phew.

So after a run to the reef for a snorkel and check up, we smashed back to Cairns to stay overnight in the inlet.

Haul out due to the tide was at 6 am.

This episode covers the pre-haul out run, and the next episode will cover what we did during slipping the boat.

Hint – install what we got delivered last week!



I hope you enjoyed Episode 1 of our short series on annual boat maintenance.

Episode 2 is ready to view - simply click here to continue.

So check it out to see if we get everything done in the three days allotted.

And while you're here, why not take a look at some of our other tips and fishing action videos below.

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