Catch big fish Slow pitch jigging

Make your own assist hooks

Save money and easily make your own ASSIST HOOKS for slow pitch jigging.

After a few big fish, the dacron holding the hooks can fray and become unusable.

But what of the hooks?

With a length of dacron, a home made needle and some heat shrink, recycle the hooks and make your own assist hooks.

What are assist hooks?

Assist hooks are attached to jigs used for slow pitch jigging.

They are typically a pair of hooks attached together using either dacron or wire and a split ring.

Because slow pitch jigging is done in deeper water, the jigs are usually a heavy and shiny metal.

Ryan Moody's Levitator slow pitch jigs with assist hooks.

Ryan Moody’s Levitator slow pitch jigs with assist hooks.

Frayed dacron on assist hooks

After a few good fish the dacron gets frayed which can result in losing good fish. In addition you can save money and the environment by reusing the hooks.

What you’ll need?

The cord we use is called Dacron and typically used in big game fishing.

But you won’t want to buy a 1000 metre spool!

Either ask a local big game fisho for a few offcuts or simply purchase a smaller spool from the fly fishing outfitter.

We found some smaller lengths of 130 lb dacron here via a simple google search for rigging dacron.

And any spare can be made into lanyards for sun glasses. 

Next we make a home made needle as you’ll need to splice the dacron to make the assist hooks.

Any single strand stainless wire (about 60-80 lb) will do which you can purchase from most tackle shops.

You can also use the single strand to make your own wire trace for mackerel.

And to save the fingernails, a pair of split ring pliars to attach the finished product to the slow pitch jigs.

In addition, the following video walks you through how to make your own assist hooks step by step.


However... Before you can use your assist hooks you'll need to find the fish!

Click the link below for our free training so you can learn how to best use your fish finder.


Levitator jigs for saddle tail snapper

Quality fish like this saddletail snapper are a regular catch because they cant resist the flutter of slow pitch jigging. We caught this beautiful fish while testing jigs for our new merchandise and tackle shop.

Ryan Moody Levitator Jigs

After months of testing different lures to ensure we only stock lures that catch, we have ordered some and are slowly stocking our  Ryan Moody shop.

Because the lure we first brought out - Scaleblazer - sold out in a matter of hours so we are scrambling to get more.

The stinking stick bait Pillager has limited stock left and hopefully these and the new Levitators will be restocked by Xmas. Covid willing!

We hope you enjoyed our video on how to make assist hooks for slow pitch jigging.

Here are some more fishing tips and action videos you may find helpful (or at least entertaining).



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