Great barrier reef from above

Coral Trout Bonanza for Peta’s Day Out.

We had a Coral Trout Bonanza off Mourilyan harbour while taking out our wonderful dog sitter Peta-Jane.

Peta-Jane always looks after the house and sea dogs when we go away and we’re excited to treat her to a day on the water.

We had a great day fishing and swimming the Great Barrier Reef.

Coral Trout Bonanza off Mourilyan Harbour

The day started a bit blowy but soon dropped to a perfect glass off.

After unsuccessfully chasing a few tuna, we found a good patch of rubble and started fishing.

The first drop was a double hook-up that became a coral trout bonanza.

Ryan won the day but PJ lost the two biggest fish and is itching for a rematch.

He also wants a rematch with the big blue spot that went ballistic and handed it to Ryan big time.

PJ has had some health issues of late with a brain aneurism causing havoc.

So we are very pleased she is on the mend. The seadogs adore her and they are very good judges of character.

We wouldn’t be able to go away and make the videos and tips we do without her help.

So glad we had a brilliant day and a coral trout bonanza to show her a great day.



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A stunning day on the Great Barrier Reef.

A coral trout bonanza is just a bonus really when you consider the diverse beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

Leaving Mourilyan Harbour

Leaving Mourilyan Harbour

Coral trout bonanza

Coral trout bonanza - I need more hands

Great Barrier Reef underwater

Amazing coral and crystal clear water for our post fishing reef swim.


Karen almost headbutted a GT hiding in a cave.

Fishing the Great Barrier Reef during the Coral Trout Bonanza

The reef from above is spectacular!


Gear and tackle used for our coral trout bonanza.

During our coral trout bonanza fishing, video we used the following gear.


GARMIN 8412 and GT51 transducer. (find out why >>here)


When heading to the reef chasing coral trout, don't go under gunned.

Rod: Jarvis Walker E/Force 601SPH

Reel: Fin-Nor Offshore 650

Lures: Various - the best ones we will stock in our shop from October 2021

Line: 50lb braid with 80lb Ande mono leader.

Knots used.

Wind on leader system

Perfection loop to attach lures.


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