Garlic butter trout on the beach BBQ.

Garlic Butter Trout Catch and Cook

Garlic butter trout is the subject of episode 2 of this catch and cook.

Well, it’s actually more about the cooking.

Since we covered the catching in a previous blog called Getting Smashed in Cooktown.

Garlic butter trout for dinner.

Two lovely coral trout for our garlic butter trout recipe.

Recap of gear used…


GARMIN 8412 and GT51 transducer. (find out why >>here)


Rod: Quantum Smoke Inshore 621BC

Reel: Quantum Reliance PT

Lures: Various – the best ones we will stock in our shop from September 2021

Line: 30lb Rovex braid with 60lb Ande mono leader.

Garlic Butter Trout ingredients.

Coral trout are a stunning fish

Highly colourful, coral trout (or Coral Grouper in the US) are stunning fish with delicate white flesh.

Freshly filleted trout ready for cooking

Prepping our fresh fish for cooking starts with filleting.

  • Fillet the fish.
  • Trim off the blood and cut fish into bite-size pieces. Sharpen your knife >> this way.
  • Using a bag, lightly coat with flour.
  • Thinly slice three garlic cloves and mix into melted butter on the hotplate.
  • Cook fish over medium heat until golden brown.

Watch our demo video below as we cook up our glorious coral trout specimen.




Garlic butter trout is delicious and one of my favourite ways to cook coral trout.

The flesh is so white and the texture so delicate - just be sure and not to overcook it.

We did this catch and cook in Cooktown. What a magic little town.

And a previous catch and cook was also done here using fish wraps.

However, Cooktown is notorious for bad weather and this trip was no exception.

We got chased off the foreshore by a squall, interrupting filming of our garlic butter trout segment.

After racing back to the van it was no less enjoyable.

Beach BBQ as the rain clouds roll in

Beach BBQ as the rain clouds roll in...

Garlic butter trout with salad on the plate

From ocean to plate - garlic butter trout... YUM!

So there you have it... Our garlic butter trout recipe!

We hope you enjoyed the video.

You can find some tips on how to catch coral trout here.

And here are some more free tips to help you fish smarter and become a great angler.

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