coral trout goes ballistic

Coral Trout goes ballistic and kicks Ryan’s butt.

As I reach down to grab him, this Coral trout goes ballistic when touched.

You’ll never take me alive says he, and launches into violent crocodile rolls and back flips.

Does he earn his freedom?

Watch the following video which was shot as part of a longer episode to be premiered next week.



Well I certainly got it handed to me!

I've never had a coral trout go ballistic like that before.

And I have  caught plenty over the years.


Large coral trout from Hinchinbrook

Nice bar cheeked trout from Hinchinbrook

Large coral trout can carry ciguatera.

Ciguatera is a poison that I have personally had and it's not pleasant.

This is why it is best to avoid larger models and only take just over legal fish for eating.

They are sweeter and better to eat anyway.

The big fella was too large and beautiful so would only have been brought on board for a quick photo.

But I guess he didn't know that.

Here's is one of the largest models I have caught (many moons ago before digital cameras).

Big black trout

One of the biggest I have boated and he never carried on like the coral trout that went ballistic.


Huge coral trout

Monster trout from one of my charter clients many moons ago.

Monster croal trout or GB grouper

Another monster from my charter days. My old mate Big brother Bob is just under 7 feet tall to give you a reference to the size of this fish.



Using a net to land coral trout.

A few people have commented that I could have avoided this coral trout going ballistic by using a net.

Typically most coral trout can be brought into the boat by line alone.

Or grab them by the gill plate like I have been doing for decades.

I didn't want to straighten the hooks as he had a bit of weight about him.

So the intention was to hand lift him in like I've done a million times before.

And I know blue spots are known to be a little bit more active than other trout.

But not to this extent.

Looks like we ran into Rocky Balboa.

The  moment he saw me reaching for him, he decided to kick off his kick boxing career and kicked my arse haha.

If I did use a landing net, I reckon it would have been ripped out of my hands by his barrel rolls because he was about 90 cm long. A good fish.

Keep an eye out next week as we go live with the full episode.

Catch and Cook Coral Trout.

Smaller models are delicious.

Here is a catch and cook (Garlic Butter trout) we did on them recently having caught them in Cooktown.

Garlic butter trout with salad on the plate

From ocean to plate - garlic butter trout... YUM!

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