Coral trout caught during a weather window for fishing

Weather window for fishing

When a weather window for fishing during the trade winds opens up you’ve just got to take it!

The trade-winds have been blowing here in North Queensland for what seems like months!

So when they eased off for a few days we jumped at the opportunity to go on a little fishing adventure.

When a weather window for fishing opens up Take It!

At first we were thinking of heading to Cooktown since the last great trip we had up there. 

Going in rough weather can result in damaged gear, sea sick family members and can be fatal.

We have documented several storm stories in our feature on the topic.

These stories make a great read and we have some short versions there also for the time poor.

Favourite weather apps.

I never go to sea without checking BOM (in Australia the official Bureau of Meterology) on my phone.

In conjunction with Seabreeze current wind measurements and the AIMS remote weather stations.

Plus the Windy app for expected forecasts a couple of days out.

Check weather trade winds using windy app

I check weather windows for fishing using the windy app and other online tools especially when looking for a break in the trade winds.

I also have a subscription to Oz Cyclone chasers. for updates on tropical systems during cyclone season and their facebook page.


On this trip we only had a day and a half and we made the most of it.



To maximise weather windows for fishing, it also helps to get a good handle on your fish finder. Simply by spending an hour a night watching our fishing courses (instead of TV or the internet) you can GAIN 30 years of my knowledge.

We have several free courses to help you out. One of which is our Big Picture Sounder course.



Weather windows for fishing during trade winds

Here on the east coast of Australia, trade winds blow up during winter, blowing east to south easterly. For what seems like an eternity.

Trade winds will occur in other parts of the world also, in the northern hemisphere blowing east to north east.

Mostly around tropical and sub-tropical areas.

But there will be gaps or weather windows for fishing, created by lows and other weather events upsetting the flow.

Here are some of the fish we caught during the short period. For more be sure and watch the video above.

Getting offshore during the weather window

Double hookup resulting in two nice Nannygai caught on a wonky hole.

Good winter trout on the reef

Good winter trout biting on the reef. Good eating size as larger fish can carry ciguatera.

Smallest trout ever caught

This is the smallest trout I have ever caught. You don't often see them this small. We popped him in the bait well to recover and released him in the shallows so he can grow bigger for next time.

Coral trout great eating fish can be caught during winter trade winds

Good size coral trout caught during a trade winds weather window for fishing off Cardwell. They become a lot easier to catch during the winter period.

Fish Finder Fundamentals

Our most popular course has students from over 28 countries covers the fundamentals of using your Fish Finder.

When you only get small weather windows for fishing, it makes sense to make the most of it by investing in knowledge.

It's called our Sounder Skills 1 course.

And it's only $20 Australian at the moment and well worth a look.

You won't catch anything using stick baits and jigs unless you have a good understanding of your marine equipment.

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Gear and tackle used.

During our weather window for fishing video we used the following gear.


GARMIN 8412 and GT51 transducer. (find out why >>here)


When heading offshore during a break in the trade winds weather window, don't go undergunned.

Rod: Bone Ocean Thug OTC623SF

Reel: Fin Nor Primal PR10LS

Lures: Various - the best ones we will stock in our shop from October 2021

Line: 30lb braid with 60lb Ande mono leader.

Knots used.

Wind on leader system

Perfection loop to attach lures.


I hope you enjoyed our adventure during our trade winds weather window for fishing break off Hinchinbrook.

Here are some more resources and entertaining videos you may find helpful.


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