How to repair your cast net on the spot

It’s a pretty hard life for a cast net these days.

They are not made of the same mettle as they used to be, and on days when bait is scarce, one is forced to throw into otherwise unsuitable terrain.

The result more often than not is a busted pocket or two.

Throwing a cast net a trillion times gets pretty exhausting, so the last thing you want are precious baits escaping from a busted pocket or missing the bait entirely as it fails to open properly.

Now if you throw out of kilter without busted pockets, best you check our previous post on the best way to throw a cast net.

If however you have the casting all sorted but your net is a little beat up, follow this simple video and have it good as new in no time.

If you would like to see my method of throwing a cast net, click this link:

Clean and dry cast netting technique

Not only do you not get covered in muck, but you can throw into the wind and nice and low under overhanging branches when required.

Now just one more tip before I go. It concerns what type of cast net to use.

When bait fishing in deeper water, it pays to use a draw string cast net whereas when casting off beaches and into mangrove roots, I use the regular variety pictured in the video with a 9 foot drop.

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