Cruising the great barrier reef

Cruising the Great Barrier Reef PCB Ep. 3

In episode 3 of our Princess Charlotte Bay trip (click here to go to the beginning), we spend a few days cruising the barrier reef.

The weather window fell in the last few days of the fin fish closure.

So in this episode we travel up the coast beachcombing, snorkelling and fixing breakdowns!

The fin fish closure only affects certain species, so we can still chase GT’s and Fingermark on the headlands.

Cruising the Barrier Reef.

In this episode we visit the Turtle Group, cruise through the Howick Group, and stop at Coombe Island (part of the Howick Group) to stretch our legs.

For a full run down on the day visit our Ships Log > here.

Otherwise sit back, relax and watch the video as we go cruising the Barrier Reef between Lookout Point and Combe Island.



The joys of owning a boat.

We named Mood Swings because she really is a roller coaster of emotions.

Case in point our first night at anchor.

Lost power at 4.30 am.

The full report is in Day 3 of the ships log.

Cut a long story short, we were prepared to turn around as the genset failing was a critical issue.

Turns out there was some weed in the intake under the boat.

No-one offered to jump over the side and clear it (in the pitch black) - but we managed to clear it by blowing through the hose from the inside out.

Managed to get her cranking but were then taking on water.

Due in part to a design fault in Mood Swings when she is full of fuel the rear bilge exit is partly underwater.

This is exacerbated by sloshing around in a bit of swell.

Of course there is a one way valve on the hose, however this had ceased to operate and was impossible to reach.

Nothing a rod butt jammed up the hole won't fix.

That said, we wouldn't change it for the world.

Despite the tribulations, the trip thus far was amazing.


Cruising the barrier reef

Most amazing glass off sunrise parked out on the Great barrier Reef.

Mood Swings at anchor

We were blessed with magic weather while cruising the barrier reef for the first part of the trip. That would change though... of course!

Exploring sand cays on the Great Barrier Reef

Exploring sand cays is a highlight. Who knew there were thousands of shells under the surface! But please don't take them. They are live and need to be placed back where you found them. BEWARE some are cone shells and they are deadly so use an implement when searching for shells.

Shells on the Great Barrier Reef

Searching for shells is a fun pastime on sand cays in the Great Barrier Reef.

Boat life

Boat life


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