Finding new spots at low tide

Finding new fishing spots reconnaissance

Finding new fishing spots is my favourite pastime.

For land-based and inshore anglers, the best time to do reconnaissance is low tide.

I know that sounds self-evident, but few people actually do this.

I rarely go fishing without sussing out an area first.

Be it in my boat with a sounder for offshore trips. Or doing a low-tide reccy for land-based or inshore fishing.

When finding new fishing spots, a low tide reconnaissance trip can reveal a lot about an area!

Mostly when I do a pre-fishing survey of an area I am looking for features or food.

It’s no secret that fish tend to hang in areas that provide shelter from current or predators (features).

Plus they need to eat and love it when food comes to them!

Find new fishing spots by looking for structure

Fish like to hang around structure but beware! Unlike this obvious example, some of the best structure is under the water. So when finding new fishing spots, some of the best ground can only be discovered at low tide.

Sources of food are a great place to fish

Sources of food are a great place to fish. Some are best discovered at low tide. Casting here instead of on the yabby-less sand nearby will be much more productive.



Finding new fishing spots is one of the most rewarding parts of fishing.

It is certainly why I created my Fish Smarter online fishing courses.

Because the observation required to find new spots is often overlooked by new and experienced anglers alike.

Finding new fishing spots land-based

Attending an area at low tide can show you features the tide flows over, structure that holds fish as well as structure that may snag you. Plus it can reveal areas bait fish (food) will congregate. And where there are small fish, there are big fish.

To give you the best idea of how I go about finding new fishing spots, watch the video below.

I cover a number of land-based and inshore situations and what I look for when assessing an area.

From flats, mangroves, beaches and break walls.



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