Catching big fingermark on the headlands with lures

Trolling for fingermark on headlands

On the best ways to catch fingermark or golden snapper is trolling around headlands.

Way back when we were creating our Wonky Holes course we traveled to Cooktown for some filming.

On this particular day it was rather windy (typical Cooktown weather) so we ran along the coast looking for likely Fingermark country.

Fingermark can be readily caught deep trolling along headlands when conditions are right.

We troll hard bodies deep divers and can catch all manner of species, including Golden Snapper or Fingermark.

In this video a good fingermark is followed in by a large cod.



Fingermark can be caught in all manner of places from rubble pads, headlands and deep holes. And when the time is right in less than two metres of water. Trolling on headlands is only one small component of where they can be found.

If your preference is luring they will also readily take a soft plastic.


Jigging with soft plastics is also an effective way to catch Fingermark - Golden Snapper

Jigging with soft plastics is also an effective way to catch Fingermark - Golden Snapper

Our online course on Finding Fingermark is a comprehensive resource packed full of Ryan Moody's fishing secrets.

The course contains a step by step framework based on his tried and proven methods.


  • Definitely recommend the Finding Fingermark course. For an average fisherman it is a real confidence builder and has enthused my love for fishing even more so. The explanation of sounder shots in far more detail than I have ever appreciated was also very interesting.

    Matt Harvey


I really enjoyed the way the modules are explained, then demonstrated with the bonus videos. It has answered so many of the questions that have had me stumped when it came to finding fingermark. As a result I would definitely recommend the course.

Cameron Slack

The best part is fishing with strategy and planning the day out before u get on the water. I would love a dollar for every trip where we just went and fished without really knowing what we were doing. Coming home always frustrated as to why we never caught much. It all changed after doing the course. Finding Fingermark is an awesome course and I highly recommend it.

Nathan Pratt

I had multiple light bulb moments whilst watching this course. The way Ryan explained how underwater structures are formed, which ones fingermark prefer and how to identify areas to search for them using navcharts. Following this up with sounder shots where he points out the subtle features that give them away when looking at them on your sounder. Amazing course.

Adrian McIver

Best Chrissie present Ever!

Kelly Findlay

Yes I would recommend the Finding Fingermark course. While I was dubious about it being online as I'm a bit older and resist technology, I found it is very informative and easy to follow

Barry Gretton

Definately would recommend. The amount of knowledge Ryan shares in the course is unbelievable. Anyone who does the course would benefit from it. Ryan's course has helped me immensely!

Michael Salleras

Loved the course. A key feature for me was how to target them in the right depths to reduce barotrauma, due to myself being strictly catch and release.

Jamie Powell

I would definitely recommend this course, and I have already done so with a few mates. The information I have gained from this course is taking all of the guesswork out for me, and putting me on the fish a lot faster. No time is wasted on the water now!

Jarrod Forsdick

It is very informative and have picked up some new ideas. I learned something from every section and would highly recommend it.

Brian Abercrombie

I've been fishing for years yet the course contained so much fantastic information that I was unaware of. Highly recommend.

Colin Swan




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    Among the products mentioned on the list, which one is the best?

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    Would love to learn more.i am 66yrs old and live for fingermark fishing.but i hope im not puting my foot in it .but i dont think we have the f/mark numbers down here like u do up there. I am working on wife to let me do course ,we just have to be carefull on pension

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    Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

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    What a nice comprehensive post. Your video is just amazing. The Golden Snapper fish looking very big. thank you for sharing such a nice post.

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