Fishing northern australia for nannygai

EP. 11 Fishing Northern Australia – Last night at sea.

Last night at sea with our mate Evatt fishing northern Australia on our Princess Charlotte Bay trip.

Sadly Evatt had to get back for work, however we will be certain and have him along for more of our adventures.

After catching cod for the whole trip, Evatt’s Cod King mantle was in jeopardy when I landed the cod of the trip.

But we decided he had been so bloody consistent at catching them, he will be the Cod King (Cod Master/ Codulator) forever haha.

During our trip fishing north Australia from Cairns to Princess Charlotte Bay and back he smashed a number of PB’s and caught several species he had never caught before.

It was wonderful to spend the time with Karen and Evatt.

Despite all the set backs, we made it to the bay and back and had an amazing time.

We have one more video to come in this series. After we dropped off Evatt, Karen and I headed out again for a few more weeks RnR (or so we thought!)

But not before we had one more session fishing northern Australia with Evatt.




A multitude of top trophy fish

Fishing northern Australia can yield a swag of trophy fish.

We let many of them go as we don't like to take more than we need.

When fishing deep fish can get barotrauma and we vent them to release the air and increase survival rates.

Some people prefer a release weight but I've had good success releasing fish by venting with a needle.

That way we ensure fish stocks remain healthy by letting go the big breeders.

Some fish don't seem to get it so bad. Others like cod are very susceptible.

Fishign north australia for big cod

Big cod like this are very susceptible to barotrauma. This one was the fish of the trip. Although Evatt caught so many he earned himself the title Cod King!

Venting a fish with baratrauma

Venting the cod before release.

Nannygai are a prized fish when fishing north australia

Nannygai are a prized sports and food fish when fishing northern Australia. I find them on Wonky Holes.

Golden trevally

The Goldens loved our Levitator jigs and were a bit of a nuisance when chasing better eating fish.

Fishing north Australia around Cape Flattery

Heading home. Last day at sea!

Cooktown Harbour

Catching up with Karen and Mood Swings entering Cooktown after our last fishing session.

Cooktown sunset

Cooktown sunset

Gear for fishing North Australia for tropical sportsfish.

To find out what gear we used on this trip, check out our gear and tackle cheat sheet.

get the free pdf


Levitator Lures

Our Levitator slow pitch jigs got smashed on this trip fishing north Australia!

We came home with only one left (as you'd know from the video). Pretty good timing haha.

They accounted for many great fish and we can't be happier with them. Grab them here >> Levitator jigs. 

As part of the purchase we've made a video that shows you how to use them.

Next Adventure Awaits.

I hope you enjoyed our video fishing North Australia during our last day at sea.

If you've missed the beginning on the trip you can watch the whole adventure >> here.

We are planning our next trip in Mood Swings plus we shorter trips in the "blue boat" so stay tuned.

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