Big black jew are a common catch on fishing charter around Darwin NT

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As you may know, we love heading to the NT and often take a fishing charter around Darwin.

That is when we don’t make the long trip and take our own boat.

Having your own boat to explore the NT is the ultimate.

But it’s such a long way hence we sometimes prefer to jump on a plane and take a fishing charter around Darwin.

Or jump on board for an adventure with some of our fishing students.

We also enjoy exploring while doing some land-based fishing as well.

Anglers Choice Fishing Safaris pick up from Darwin

On our first-ever trip to Dundee Beach (a couple of hours drive from Darwin), we were approached at the boat ramp by one of the local guides and invited back for dinner.

Turns out it was Dave Rinkin, the head guide from Anglers Choice fishing safaris.

Astonished by the NT hospitality, we accepted and were treated to a feast at their beautiful beach house.

Eating gourmet tucker, seated on a large deck with stunning sunset views over the beach and infinity pool were…


Oh, and let’s not forget crabs and calamari on the cliffs as entree.

A great fishing charter is not only about the fishing.

A great fishing charter is not only about the fishing. Sunset, beers, crabs and calamari entree is just the ticket after a hard days fishing while mains are being prepared.


Anglers Choice Fishing Charters sunset deck and infinity pool

If looking for a Darwin fishing charter treat yourself. Anglers Choice offers gourmet meals on a sunset viewing deck with infinity pool.

The end of the road into Dundee from Darwin is dirty, dry and dusty.

So the last thing you expect is a 5-star dining experience haha.

Fishing the azure waters of Dundee is just a short hop from Darwin

Obviously a trip to the territory is not complete without heading off the beaten track just a little.

Head fishing guide Dave summed up why he loves fishing Dundee.

“It’s the great variety of fish species that interests me. Barra, big jew, goldies, tuskies and now we have discovered a sailfish fishery. Even though it’s so close to Darwin, Dundee has everything. Including a touch of the NT outback”.

Large crocs are a common sight while fishing in the Northern Territory.

Large crocs are a common sight while fishing in the Northern Territory.

NT sunsets

Captivating scenery right from the Anglers Choice Beach House.


We certainly can’t fault the fishing.

On this trip, even in the middle of winter, we jumped off two good barra pretty close to a metre.

They were just a bit finicky with the lures and couldn’t make the hooks stick.

But we got some good jumps and Karen nearly got a new earring (watch the video below for the footage).

Plus the big black jew were on the chew.



Catching the N.T. Trifecta

The NT Trifecta consists of a barra, black jew and sailfish.

And one of the best places to try and do it is while on a fishing charter from Darwin is Dundee!

Now because we were on a charter with other clients of Anglers Choice for two of our days, we chose to film rather than fish.

I have caught so many big fish over the years, I just love seeing others catch fish.

Probably why I was a charter guide for 30 years and now I teach fishing with my online fishing courses haha.

So I suppose it is cheating to say “we” caught the Dundee trifecta.

However, we were present on the boat, when the good stuff happened.

Catch all the action in our Part 1 (Fishing Dundee Inshore) video below.



What to bring on an NT fishing trip?

Lots of people ask us what to take on a fishing trip to the NT.

If you're going on a fishing charter to Darwin or to Dundee - just take yourselves, some sunscreen, a large hat and sunshirt is the go.

Oh and don't forget the camera/iPhone.

If you're heading up yourself, here are some helpful resources to help decide what to take.

Gear and tackle for tropical sportsfish like barra, jew and goldies.

Best lures to take travelling north.

Our day with helifish - yes it's better than you think!


And for more tips and tricks check out some of our previous blogs.


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