Fishing the Flinders Islands at Sunset

Fishing the Flinders Islands – PCB Episode 4

In Episode 4 of our Princess Charlotte Bay trip we have a mad fingermark session fishing the Flinders Islands (click here to start at Episode 1).

Because the start of our trip fell in the fin fish closure, we were limited in the species we could target.

Coral trout and large mouth nannygai were off the menu. Hence we turned our attention to Fingermark (Golden Snapper).

Fishing the Flinders Islands

The Flinders Islands are a group of seven islands. They lie to the north-west of Cape Melville on the Cape York Peninsula.

They can be reached by vessel from Cape Melville (click here for our blog on camping there) or Marina Plains and Bathurst Bay (via Princess Charlotte Bay)

But only if you have a small tinny capable of getting to the Cape. Because the road can be a bit of a goat track at times.

Or you can go by sea as we did.

For a more expansive run down of events visit our Ships Log > here.

Otherwise sit back, relax and watch the video as we go Fishing the Flinders Islands. Turns out we anchored behind Flinders Island just as the wind starts to blow…


Stanley (Yindayin) Island Rock Art.

While we had a super session fishing the Flinders Islands, we also enjoyed the Traditional Owners rock art.

The Traditional Owners collectively identify as the Cape Melville and Flinders Island People.

It really is imperative if you visit this area, to access the caves and take a look.

The caves are on Stanley Island and depict early European contact. The island group has been successfully claimed under the Aboriginal Land Act (Qld) 1991 and is jointly managed by the local Aboriginal Corporation and the Queensland Government.

Flinders Island rock art

Be sure and visit the rock art caves on Stanley Island. Traditional Owners have inhabited these caves for minimum 6000 years. The art is original and has not been touched up. It's amazing.

Flinders Island Rock Art caves

The artworks and several living areas are protected by this huge overhang. Very obvious why they chose this area.

Map on how to find the Flinders Islands caves

About a 45 minute walk will get you to the caves. It is well sign posted once you park the boat in the right spot. Owen channel lies between Flinders (Wurriima) and Stanley (Yindayin) Islands. Look for the small beach at the base of the castle peaks. A signposted track leads across the flat saddle to the beach so there are no hills to climb until you reach the circuit walk.

Top Fingermark session fishing the flinders islands area.

It didn't take long to locate the fish and we had a great fingermark session.

Our Pillager lures worked a treat.

Two of our courses we would recommend before heading to any remote area are Finding Fingermark and Sounder Skills 2.

Or you can take a look at our free Big Picture Presentation.


Pillager lure

Had to let this guy go as he was an accidental capture during the fin fish closure while we were targeting Fingermark and Goldens. Usually a very welcome catch and was released safely having been taken in quite shallow water.

Fishing Flinders Islands

Pillager lures in both red head and blue worked a treat in our short session fishing the Flinders Islands.

Huge golden trevally fishing the Flinders islands.

Huge golden trevally gave us some curry. Pillagers are a great option for all species of fish. All up it was a great little session.

Anchorage at Flinders Islands FNQ

Bumped into one of our fishing students while anchored at Flinders Islands. Sean Dawes came out of Marina Plains and camped on his boat while the weather was good. Because as we were about to find out, it didn't stay good for much longer... (take a look at our Episode 5)

To find out what gear we used on this trip, check out our gear and tackle cheat sheet.

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