Feeder creek into Princess charlotte Bay

Blue Salmon Blues – Princess Charlotte Bay Episode 5

Episode 5 of our Princess Charlotte Bay trip we aptly named the Blue Salmon Blues (click here to start the series from the beginning).

Fishing the first part of our trip was curtailed due to the fin fish closure.

Despite the magic weather offshore, we were limited to targeting Fingermark and other permitted species.

As luck would NOT have it, as the closure ended the wind started to blow.

And we were forced inshore a few days early than we had hoped.

So conditions for barra were not ideal with high barometer, cold water and strong S/E winds.

But we gave them a crack anyway.

The result… Our blue salmon blues video below.


The Blue Salmon couldn't get enough of our Pillager lures.

After one cast delivered the most amazing haul of bite size mullet, we set out looking for some threadys and barra.

Barra were in absent mode due to the cold 23.6 degree water temp and strong winds.

But we found some threadfin in the Marrett River and smaller feeder creeks leading into the bay.

We also found the Blue Salmon!

Absolute ripper session catching these on our Pillager lures.

We could not get the lures past them.

They even preferred the lures to live mullet which was unusual.


Catching live mullet in a cast net

Had no trouble finding live mullet. One cast of the cast net and we were set.

Blue salmon caught on green Pillager lure

Surprisingly they wouldn't touch the live bait but went mad for our Pillager lures. green, gold and red head were the favourites.

Blue Salmon caught in Princess Charlotte Bay on lures

Double hook ups, triple hook ups, they just couldn't get enough and it was a really fun session.

Blue salmon blues day

Even bouncing the lures over the side of the boat induced a frenzy. This one smashed the gold pillager.

GT caught on a Scaleblazer fishing lure

Another incidental catch. This little GT taking our Scaleblazer shallow diver meant for big barra.

The cod master

Evatt the cod master with... a cod caught off the back of Mood Swings.

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We hope you enjoyed our blue salmon blues episode.

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Ryan Moody

Ryan Moody started his fishing career on the reef boats before catching bucket list marlin for the likes of champion heavy tackle angler Johnno Johnson, INXS and the King of Sweden. Branching out in the late 80's to guided barramundi fishing, Ryan has made a name for himself as a Big Barramundi specialist and to date has put clients onto over 2000 metre plus barra. That is over 2 kilometres of metre plus barra! With attitudes changing from 'keep all you can' towards catch and release, Ryan has decided to share his extensive knowledge and hopefully inspire people of all ages to get out from behind the computer screen/TV and into the fishing outdoors lifestyle he has spent his life perfecting.

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