Noble Island

Magnificent Noble Island – Princess Charlotte Bay Ep. 7

On our journey from Cape Melville to Lizard island we stopped at the magnificent Noble Island.

Noble Island is located in the mid-northern section of the Great Barrier Reef and can be seen from quite a distance due to it’s majestic peaks.

The visit is part of our northern adventure to Princess Charlotte Bay in our vessel Mood Swings. Catch up and watch Episode 1 >> here.

You can read the full ship’s log here.

On the way to Noble Island we did some fishing around Cape Melville and found some shallow Wonky Holes.

Wonky Holes are underwater springs teaming with fish.

This time however we were not quite on the right tides, therefore we had little chance at the reds.

We did lose some good ones but the best fishing would have been on the way up during the fin fish closure.

Golden trevally, Mowong and mackerel gave us curry so we headed off to do some snorkelling at Jewell Reef, en route to Noble Island.

It was also Ryan’s 54th Birthday and what a way to spend the day.

Seriously, Noble Island was so spectacular – like something out of a James Bond movie. Waiting for the cave door to fly open and a jet to fly out with Dr. Evil aboard.

Watch the video below.




Noble island

The traditional owners of Noble Island were thought to be the Ithu people.

The island is 100km south east of Cape Melville and part of the Howick Group National Park.

The waters around Noble Island are a green zone with expensive fines if fishing in the wrong area.

Noble Island

Magnificent Noble Island.

Noble Island mangrove forest

The mangrove forest is a must see. Crystal clear water and an abundance of fish and bird life.

Mangrove Forest

We cant wait to return here and fully explore the island.

Golden Trevally

Fish rich waters abound from Cape Melville to Lizard Island. This Golden Trevally fell to one of our Levitator jigs and sure gave Evatt some curry.

Barrow Island National Park

Barrow Island is a great base to explore the region due to shelter from most wind directions. It's fully protected from the South easterly winds and in a north-easter, you can sneak behind the two islands.

Anchored at Cape Melville

Anchored at Spectacular Cape Melville. This magical place can also be reached by car - about 8 hours drive from Cairns. Track is a bit hairy so only 4x4.


Sun sets on another brilliant day and marks the start of Ryan's 54th year around the sun.

Gear and tackle used.

We have prepared a cheat sheet with >> Ryan's favourite gear and tackle.

On this trip we used our own lures almost exclusively because after years of testing they have been found to be so effective.

You can purchase using the following links.

Shallow diver Scaleblazer.

Sinking sink bait Pillager

Slow pitch jig Levitator.

And the custom rod mentioned in the video was made by Ron Farren of Salty Dog custom rods. 

Fishing Courses

Find new spots quickly in areas you have never visited before.

Check out our Fish Smarter courses.

Sounder Skills 2

Wonky Holes. 

More Episodes

I hope you enjoyed our video from Cape Melville to Lizard featuring Noble Island.

Stay tuned for the next episode as we end up in the green jobfish nursury - swarms of them!

And visit Jewell Reef which really lives up to it's name.



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