Best sunglasses for fishing

Best Sunglasses for Fishing IMO

The best sunglasses for fishing are not just to protect your eyes from harsh glare.

They are also an effective tool for fishing in general; from catching live bait in the shallows with a cast net to sight casting big trout on the reef flats.

Since so many people ask me what I wear, we decided to stock them in my shop.

There are several reason why I chose Tonics as the best sunglasses for fishing. Summarised in the video below.






Anglers have special needs...

Yeah I know anglers are a special breed of person haha, but when fishing we do have requirements for sunglasses that average Joe doesn't have.

Best sunglasses for fishing and catching live bait

I like a dollar for the number of livies I've spotted using my Tonic sunglasses over the years.

Sight casting on the reef flats

Sight casting with your polaroid sunglasses on the reef flats can result in beautiful specimens like this juvenile Maori wrasse.

1. Weight

For a start, they need to be light or you're ears hurt under your hat.

I have used both the Rush and the Tango and to date - no hurting ears.

Yet they are not plastic, the lens is glass so they resist scratches and are super clear and super light weight 1.7mm glass.

2. True Accuracy

When casting over moving bait fish you need accuracy of depth and perception.

The optically ground Vistaview decentred glass lenses give true accuracy and have a anti-reflective coating on the back surface of the lens, reducing back surface reflection by 45%

3. Clarity in any conditions

photochromic lens helps make these the best fishing sunglasses

TONIC Glass Photochromic lenses, darken and light depending on ambient light conditions, the highest quality optics in any conditions.

Looking through TONIC Photochromic lenses (I prefer the copper colour) as they have a four filter system (instead of three like other colours) to give excellent vision of bait fish in dirty water. Giving you the edge when chasing your underwater quarry.


Cast net full of bait fish

Just what we like to see. A motherload of herring in one cast. But please keep only what you need. I let most of these go.

Best sunglasses for fishing

I've had my current pair of Tonics for years now and they have saved my arse from walking into box jellyfish at times.

I have used both the RUSH and TANGO styles. But if you have a bigger head, the TRAKKER is perfect.

I only use the photochromic copper and always use a lanyard. I make mine using dacron.

All the styles I have chosen for my shop are great to wear with hats as they are thinner above the ear.




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