Catching live bait in winter

Fishing with live bait in winter

Fishing with live bait in winter can be a good alternative to lures.

In winter or during a cold snap, the water temperature drops and it can be hard to raise a fish on lures.

My favourite live bait for barra during winter are prawns.

But fingermark/golden snapper readily take a green back herring or mud herring during winter.

On this trip to Hinchinbrook, the intention was to film our Locating Livies course.

But with Karen back in Cairns, I thought I’d sneak in a quick fish as well.

We would have some livies on board right?

What’s a man to do?

And in doing so made a quick Fishing with Live Bait in winter video for you below.




Fishing with Live Bait in Winter.

Our fishing with live bait in winter trip got off to a slow start as I misread the tide chart and was stuck an extra 20 minutes in the mud at Port Hinchinbrook.

Nowadays (2022) you'll need a good 1.5 m tide for a boat like our 6.5m and 1.4 m for a punt or smaller tinny.

Pays to check the tide times before heading anywhere. But for Hinchinbrook it is imperative.

If you want your livies swimming a bit higher use the paternoster or dropper rig.

And a bit lower the running rig.


Low tide at Port Hinchinbrook

Trip got off to a slow start as we got stuck in the mud at Port Hinchinbrook

Fuel pump repair on outboard

Finally got underway after having to re-prime the fuel filter.

Kahle pattern live bait hook

When fishing with live bait in winter, or anytime for that matter, I prefer to use the Kahle pattern hook.

Fingermark caught on live bait

Fingermark will take a live bait in winter.

cast net throwing

Part of the fun is collecting the livies.

Dugong with baby

Dugongs are a delightful distraction when the fishing is quiet.

Releasing fish

Fingermark release quite well when caught in shallow water. But they do suffer barotrauma in deeper areas.


You can always count on cod for entertainment when fishing is slow.

Catching a triple tail

Triple tail are voracious predators - especially near any flotsam or jetsam.

Salty dog custom fishing rod

Also got to try out my new Salty Dog custom fishing rod. Ron Farren has been making rods for me for 30 years and this one is another masterpiece. You can contact Ron via his Facebook page or on 0437 474 053.

Fishing on the fish

The key to fishing with live bait in winter is not just about using the right live bait. It's about fishing on the fish.

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I hope you enjoyed our video on fishing with live bait in winter.

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