Funniest fishing memes of 2022

Laughter really is the best medicine, together with fishing, so we combined the two this week with our funniest fishing memes compilation for 2022.

With all the doom and gloom in the media, we need some light relief.

And if you can’t get out fishing, these memes are the next best thing.

If you are not on social media much and love the memes, we have a previous meme post here for some more giggles.


covid fishing meme

We had to kick off our funniest fishing memes compilation with a COVID related meme. Seriously though, rubbish harms our waterways so please dispose of carefully. They are now suggesting we cut the elastic sides so this cannot happen to wildlife.

fish pox

The new way to call in sick.

Making memories fishing with kids


Making memories fishing with kids

In our opinion, fishing is THE best way for kids to grow up. Watch this video and tell me young Mason won’t remember this for life!

Funniest fishing memes about a Secret Spot

Keeping your top spot a secret is a big theme in most funniest fishing memes. Here are just a couple.

Of course you could always find your own spots with our online fishing courses.

funniest fishing memes about a secret spot

funniest fishing meme about a secret spot

Backward facing thongs to hide fishing spot

Backward facing thongs to hide your fishing spots. Now that’s genius.

Ryan Moody fishing courses meme

And this one from our very own graphic designer Kara.

Help us help you get the most out of your sounder with our FREE big picture presentation.


Fishing Expenses

Plenty of memes were around the theme of $ spent!

fishing gear meme

fishing expenses

Yes well that is a problem – and you should see the containers of old reels in our garage!

Tax return spent on fishing gear meme

How many people can relate??

funniest fishing meme on fishing gear

Baby yoda wants a fishing course

Even baby Yoda wants one… Fish Smarter courses.

catch and release funny fishing meme

Mansplaining catch and release…

Fishing Relationships

relationship fishing memes

No funniest fishing memes compilation would be complete without some fishing relationship memes!

Fishing camping trip meme

Sounds about right?

Fishing knots and sex funny meme

Fishing has many advantages, this being only one of them.

Of love and loss…


Fish getting away meme

kid crying from losing lure

Almost make a grown man cry.

And Finally…

best fishing shirt


fishing inspiration quote


Well I hope you enjoyed our funniest fishing memes compilation.

If you want to take your fishing game to the next level, consider one of our Fish Smarter online fishing courses.



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