Cape Bedford headland

Fishing Inshore Cooktown continued…

Our trip fishing inshore Cooktown continues…

But wait! This is Episode 2 and you can watch the first episode here.

The goal for this trip was to film some content for our upcoming Locating Livies course.

As well as have some fun smashing Nannies on Wonky Holes

And some snorkelling on the reef.

The advantage of fishing inshore Cooktown is that the area is littered with Wonky Holes (underwater springs).

As with most places, these Wonky Holes are not as far as the reef and can be reached by a small boat in good weather.

Our online fishing course Wonky Holes shows you exactly how to find them.

Not so lucky fishing inshore Cooktown this trip!

Whenever there is a good weather window, we love to make the trip north to fish inshore (and offshore) Cooktown.

So while we had great weather this trip, we also had a run of bad luck.

We dropped the pliers overboard early on the first day, got smashed by sharks.

The heat was so oppressive (lucky we brought the market umbrella).

And while filming our live bait course, each livie got smashed by a bigger fish so we had to abandon that idea.

Is it lucky or unlucky when you can’t catch a small enough fish haha.

Regardless, any day fishing, be it inshore Cooktown or wherever you are, is better than a day working! (although we are lucky enough to be able to combine the two).

So here’s the video of our day fishing inshore Cooktown continued…



Stephen gets his PB nannygai

Cameraman Stephen had his first hit on a jig and reeled in his first ever Nannygai off a Wonky Hole.

Whilst it was not a big fish by Nannygai standards, Stephen had never caught anything bigger than a small flathead.

So it certainly gave him some curry. I think we have created a monster haha.

Inshore Cooktown Nannygai

This inshore Cooktown red from a wonky hole sure got Stephen's heart racing. He was surprised at what a workout fishing can be. The great thing about Wonky Holes is they are closer inshore than the reef and can be reached by small boats (on a good day - watch the weather). The fish took our Levitator jig > SHOP here.

White sea snake

Most sea snakes we see are olive or brown so this white model was a stunning sight against the blue water off Cooktown.

Cooktown boatramp

Cooktown boat ramp is a great facility however on a big run out launch on the seaward side or you can get pinned to the pontoon.

Cape Bedford track

We spied this track with the drone while trolling the headlands inshore Cooktown and decided we would try and find it in the car one day. Add to the bucket list.

Trolling inshore headlands off Cooktown

I've had some great success trolling the headlands around Cooktown, but not today.

Gear and Tackle Used

While fishing inshore Cooktown, we used gear from our gear and tackle cheat sheet.

The cheat sheet contains some of Ryan's favourites.

If they are no longer available, simply ask your tackle shop for the equivalent.

get the free pdf


I hope you enjoyed our video on fishing and exploring inshore Cooktown.

As we mentioned previously, Cooktown is the gateway to the north.

If you've missed our trip to Princess Charlotte Bay you can watch the whole adventure >> here.

Click here to watch Episode 3 as we head offshore and find the most amazing coral garden we have ever seen!

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