CREB track winding over the range.

Daintree to Wujal Wujal via the CREB track (Part 2)

Travelling from the Daintree to Wujal Wujal, the CREB track is reported to be one of the toughest 4×4 tracks in Australia.

We started our journey in Cairns. You can follow from the beginning in our blog on the CREB track (Part 1).

Wujal Wujal is a small aboriginal township near Cooktown. Wujal Wujal is the local Kuku-Yalanji clan name meaning ‘many falls’ because of the many sacred waterfalls in the landscape. One of which is Roaring Meg Falls.

Roaring Meg Falls is an absolutely stunning waterfall three quarters of the way along the CREB track from Daintree to Wujal Wujal.

The first nations people of the area ask that only women visit the top of the falls since it is a sacred women’s site

Accordingly, they also request that no photographs are taken.

Karen did visit the top and said it was a stunning place. She was so moved she came out in tears. Very special.

For many thousands of years, first nations people have lived in this spectacular region.

Due to the difficult terrain, early expeditions bypassed the Daintree to Wujal Wujal area.

Mountainous ranges and thick rainforest show why they chose the coast road.

However this all changed when gold was discovered around Cooktown.

People flocked to the area during the Palmer River Gold Rush.

From Daintree to Wujal Wujal however was primarily mined for tin.

We absolutely love travelling and fishing around Cooktown.

So grabbed the good weather window to travel the CREB track while it lasted.

Part 2 of our travels along the track can be watched in the video below…



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The Daintree to Wujal Wujal CREB track winds through spectacular rainforest, crossed creeks and stunning mountain ranges.

Daintree to Wujal Wujal track

The CREB track winds it way from the Daintree to Wujal Wujal through pristine rainforest and magic freshwater creeks. Hence it's a perfect opportunity to take the time to stop and enjoy the serenity of this amazing place.

Man standing at rainforest creek

Because life is so stressful these days, it's important to take "me" time - however that looks for you.


Woman on tree in rainforest

It's easy to contemplate life (and death) atop a fallen rainforest tree. Taking time out to reflect on how to best use this short and precious time on the planet. Need a destress pep talk - go here!

Daintree to Wujal Wujal CREB track

The pictures do not do the steepness of this track justice. Due to the steep angles, do not attempt this track in the wet. However in the dry it is a very pleasant drive for a regular high clearance 4x4.

Daintree to Wujal Wujal section of the CREB track

An extremely pleasant drive in the dry, however this clay is like slippery glue when wet so do not attempt this track after rain.

The CREB track can be tackled during the dry in a conventional 4x4 vehicle.


Short wheel base Pajaro Snowflake on the CREB track

Karen's little shorty "Snowflake" (a short wheel base 2 door Pajero) ate up the track with no issues. The number plate For Today Day Don't Worry Be Happy sums up this little car.

Drone view of McDowall Ranges

It can feel like you're on top of the world after reaching the top of the McDowall Ranges.

Yandilly campground CREB track

Yandilly campground can be easily accessed from the Cooktown end in a conventional vehicle because the dirt road is well graded.

The creek near Yandilly Campground is a delight.

The creek near Yandilly Campground is a delight.

Roaring Meg Falls

A women's only sacred site for first nations people, this beautiful waterfall is 3/4 of the way from the Daintree to Wujal Wujal.

There is a sign so keep a look out.

Roaring Meg Falls sign

Roaring Meg Falls is not to be missed. First Nations people ask that no photos be taken because it is a sacred site. And also women only to the top of the falls please. Men and family time can be had at the beach near the access point.

Lions Den Hotel

The iconic Lions Den Hotel is a great place to stop for the night if you tackle the track in one day.

After a big day driving, the spacious grassy campground behind the pub is very welcome.

A stunning creek flows behind the grounds and makes a wonderful morning or afternoon refresher.

Take a pen and scribble your name on the walls.

Lions Den Campground

Lions Den campground is perfect for some R and R because of the spacious sites and running creek.

Lions Den Hotel signing wall

Take a pen and sign your name on the Lions Den wall.

Lions Den Hotel creek

The rainforest creek behind the Lions Den is stunning and full of birdlife.

I hope you enjoyed our video on the CREB track from Daintree to Wujal Wujal.

Stayed tuned next week for the next installment as we do a review on our Autohome Columbus roof top tents!

Karen's tent has been on her car since 2009 and is as good as the day we bought it.

Hence we stuck one on the Cruiser as well.

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