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Ryan Moody has caught over 2000 massive metre plus barra and provides a ton of tips on his blog to help anglers land a massive metre plus saltwater barra for themselves. And for those that don’t have the time to work it out for themselves, he reveals it all in his online course Barra Basics. Click the link above for details.

Metre plus barramundi caught on a twitch bait

Twitch bait lures for impoundment barramundi

Those familiar with our fishing blog will know that Ryan pretty much exclusively fishes for saltwater barramundi. So we commissioned one of our Barra Basics students and ardent freshwater barra angler Nick Philippa to write a few words about the success he’s had with twitch baits on impoundment barra. Incidentally, soon after Nick went to…

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Techniques fishing with Keitech soft plastics and swimbaits

Techniques for fishing soft plastic lures and swim baits

Fishing with soft plastic lures enables anglers to target numerous Australian fish species from freshwater sooty grunter and jungle perch to the mighty saltwater barramundi. Soft plastics and swim baits can be retrieved in a variety of ways and flutter in the water column attracting fish. Weight can also be varied making them flexible for…

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Ryan Moody catches 2000 barra over one metre

2000th metre plus barramundi

We finally did it! After months of sitting on 1999 and catching a score of 90-99 cm fish, Ryan finally caught his 2000th metre plus barramundi after a 30 year career in fishing charters. Even more exciting, we made the nightly news AND got a write up in the paper. To celebrate we made a…

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fishing for fingermark using as bait caster

Baitcaster or spinning reel for lure casting

The choice of fishing reels these days can be overwhelming, and I am often asked which style of reel I prefer for lure casting; bait caster or spinning reel? In my charters, I am often faced with a situation where some of my clients are not accomplished anglers, yet the most effective technique for the…

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Catching big barramundi in Queensland

Catching big barramundi in Queensland

Ryan Moody has been catching big barramundi in Queensland for over 30 years and has caught over 2000 saltwater barra longer than metre! That’s well over 2 kilometres of metre plus fish, considering some are well over a metre as this next video shows. And yes, in accordance with the law of diminishing returns, the…

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Selecting the best fishing lures for northern Australia

Best fishing lures to take travelling

A question I am often asked is how to select the best fishing lures to take travelling. In order to address the question, I enlisted the help of lure manufacturing royalty here in Australia, Dave Killalea from Old Dog Lures. The first thing to think about when deciding on the best fishing lures to take…

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Crimping barbed hooks for safety

Crimping barbed hooks

I am often asked if I crimp my barbs and/or use barbless hooks when fishing for tropical speedsters like barramundi and it’s certainly a topic worth discussing. For me, the object of course is to land big fish for my clients, and in many instances they’re not an accomplished angler and find it hard to…

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Custom made fishing lures

Custom made fishing lures | Dave Killalea

Master fishing lure craftsman Dave Killalea’s favourite pastime is designing and creating custom made fishing lures for a particular purpose. And I’m not talking about a lure for barra or jacks etc. I’m talking about something much more specific than that! By “custom fishing lure” I mean for example; a 6 inch hard bodied lure…

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How to prevent line twist when using a spinning reel

Spinning Reel Basics

Spinning reels are a great way to catch fish, however they do twist up your line if used incorrectly. And while most people assume they know what they’re doing… I see A LOT of people on my charters, inadvertently spinning up the line when using a spinning reel, to fight and catch big fish. Big…

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Massive barramundi caught at hinchinbrook

Catching Big Barramundi video#12

Not many people know as much about catching big barramundi as Ryan Moody. To date we have only 1 metre plus fish to go before cracking 2000 barra over a metre for clients. Last year was a bit slow due to the lack of wet seasons for the last several years, but we still managed…

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