Barra Fishing Tips: How Top Fishers Make Their Own Luck.

You want to catch more fish and you know that being in the right Territory with the right Techniques at the right Time is the way to do it.

And even though my last post advised that you need to find where the fish aggregate and hold, here’s the truth.

In the past when fish were plentiful, a systematic approach to determine area and patterns where fish aggregate and hold was much easier. The difference between a 10 barra day and a 50 barra day.

These days, with so much pressure on fisheries, an average catch can range from 0 to 5 fish. How does one then determine if an area is a holding location? How does one determine the most successful technique?

For example if we visit a snag on a large tidal run, medium tidal run and small tidal run and catch respectively, 5, 10 and 50 fish, you can easily see the pattern emerging.

But what if the catch numbers were 0, 1 and 2?

Were these fish outliers passing through? Did the angler just get lucky?

Let’s dig a little deeper.

What does catching 0 barra one day and 2 barra the next tell us?

It tells us that it is going to take one hell of a long time to work out the patterns, especially if you throw in another variable like technique.

Let me explain using the first example.

If 40 of 50 fish were caught on live bait you have a pretty good idea what works in that area at that tidal run.

If you only catch two fish, 1 live baiting and 1 casting, you are really none the wiser regards the most successful technique.

To put it another way, if you want to determine who will win the next election and only survey 4 people, even if three of the four prefer Party A, it tells you nothing.

If you survey 20,000 people and 75% favour Party A, then Party B could be in trouble.

It all comes down to sample size.

But all is not lost.

Because I have already done all the groundwork for you.

For only the second time ever, I will reveal the barra fishing framework I have developed over thirty years of trial and error on the water.

This is the exact same strategy I have used to catch over 30,000 barra and almost 2000 barra over one metre in length for clients.

Best Part: You can replace heading out and fishing in a hit and miss manner that costs you time and money

…and learn a simple system based on tidal run that:

  1. Shows you where the fish will aggregate and hold under different conditions
  2. Gives you the exact techniques to use when you get there
  3. Shows you exactly what to look for in each location because little subtleties can make all the difference

And most important, provides you with a fishing strategy you can use to plan your trips for the most productive times a year in advance.

If you love barra fishing and want to get proficient at catching the ever elusive saltwater barra, you’ll be shocked how easy it is to learn… you’ll be shocked at how you were doing it wrong without even knowing it and you’ll be shocked at how much time and effort you have been wasting being in the right place at the wrong time.

But don’t take my word for it…

We tested “Barra Basics” on over 70 fishers just like you during our introductory launch in September 2014.

Already students are not only raving about the content, but putting the material into practice AND CATCHING BARRA !

Check out just two of our Student to Graduate “evolutions” below.

Thank you so much you guys have done an unreal job on the course, the information is unreal! It has made me look at the way I fish in a totally different light. I have been fishing for Barra for 4 years now and although catches were consistent in the beginning things have slowly died off over the last two years and I can see by never looking at the tides and never really having a plan that I was just plonking my bait in and hoping to get a bite. In my favour I use to sit there for hours on end, so I was bound to get something sooner or later. But now I can have a plan set and save all of that wasted time and money, then hopefully after much more practice I can work them out, go fishing and come home with FISH! Thanks again guys.

David Harding
Barra Basics Student

It's all paying off already! This is one of many dropped fish today. Went for a run to put some of the things I've learnt so far into action and without a doubt it worked! I got him in a place I would've driven past a millions times and never given it a second look… Thanks again Ryan and Karen for this amazing course!

- David Harding, Barra Basics Graduate

“…For me, it has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of different strategies and techniques I have not tried or thought of yet. This extent of knowledge and technique cannot be learnt in a one day charter, or even "word of mouth" from any local expert. The money I paid for this entire course is what I would pay for a one day charter locally. And I do not think I would even come close to absorbing this much great information. So thumbs up for a well laid out and informative course!” Cheers!

Chris Long
Barra Basics Student

"Definitely glad I did this! Once again thanks Ryan and Karen for a great course! Definitely seeing big improvements in consistency already. I managed to land 5 Barra over two days on Friday and Saturday. All tagged and released Both days only having to spend a few hours at a time on the water, using the framework to be in the right place at the right time."

- Chris Long, Barra Basics Graduate

And while I’m not guaranteeing that you will achieve the same results, nobody can (if they do they are probably lying) – the concepts I have taught in the Barra Basics system have helped these fishers turn a frustrating hobby into satisfying (and thrilling) barra catches. And now you can learn the same techniques.

While it sounds technical, it’s not.

Barra Basics is a unique and effective way to plan your fishing, based on a simple easy to follow flow chart, designed to show you exactly where to go, when and why!

And if live bait is the best bet on the day, Barra Basics shows you where to look for the best possible baits BEFORE the best bite period so you can be fully prepared and ready for action.

We jokingly call it the “Eddie Charlton” principle.

Famous Australian snooker player Eddie Charlton doesn’t just bash about balls on the pool table hoping for the best.

He knows from experience his best course of action. Red ball corner pocket, blue ball centre pocket and more importantly… each time setting up the white ball to maximise his chances for the next shot.

You can do the same with your fishing.

And let me tell you…

Nothing feels better than seeing a glistening silver barra at the side of the boat.

Knowing that you have used his habits and behaviours to outwit him.

Knowing that your strategy is tried and proven and all you need to do is tweak the finer details.

Knowing that every time you fish, rather than creating confusion and frustration, you will be adding to a solid base of understanding,

But first let’s start at the beginning…

Even as little as 5 years ago, I never would have dreamed of releasing this information to the general public. Why?

  1. A healthy barra fishery is my livelihood and there were too many greedy people out there;
  2. I have baked in the sun for 30 years to figure it out. Secrets I was not about to give away.

However over time we mellow.

Catch and release is the norm now rather than the exception and with the advent of the internet, I can impart my knowledge in a group setting that people can take in the comfort of their own home.

I also realised that it was selfish of me to keep this information to myself.

During the course of my lifetime I have witnessed getting amongst nature and enjoying outdoor pursuits being overtaken by the thrill of violent video games and the danger of car theft.

I have witnessed fish stocks fall to the point where it may not be possible to work out the patterns without 100’s perhaps 1000’s of hours on the water.

So I had a decision to make.

Introducing Barra Basics

The concept behind Barra Basics is that to catch barra consistently in an ever declining fishery, you need to determine fish holding and funnelling areas.

You need to be in the right Territory at the right Time using the right Techniques.

Miss any one of these components and you will have inconsistent catches and confusion about the best way to get proficient.

If you ever felt like this…

“My dad taught me how to fish for barra and we always brought back a fish for dinner. Nowadays using the same techniques, catches are getting few and far between.”

“One day I go fishing and catch a swag of barra, but subsequent trips fail to raise a scale. I don’t know where I am going wrong.”

“People say it’s the moon phase, the tidal run, jigging, luring, live baiting, fish the snags, fish the holes, clean water, dirty water. Everywhere I turn there is another opinion. I try all the different methods but I just can’t seem to crack the code and I don’t know why.”

It’s because you failing to find the fish holding and funneling areas.

And that’s a BIG problem.

Let me break it down.

At various times, fish aggregate, hold or funnel through certain locations.

You may stumble across these areas and have a good fishing outing, but unless you return at the exact time fish are aggregating there again, you will miss out.

If you get there too early or too late or use the wrong technique you will miss also miss out.

Sure you might get one or two…

But your chances of catching one fish out of 20 are a hell of a lot higher than one fish out of two.

If you choose fishing locations based on what someone else said, because you caught a fish there once before, or because you read it in a magazine… They are not valid reasons to choose a location.

You need Barra Basics.

Without a tried and proven strategy you will go nowhere fast!

Introducing Barra Basics

Barra Basics is a 6 module, multimedia online training that teaches you how to start generating consistent catches from your barra fishing outings.

And by the end of it, you’ll learn:

  • How to find and fish barra holding, funnelling and aggregating areas based on tidal run.
  • How to entice fish to bite using tried and proven techniques.
  • How to integrate our proven fishing framework into your local area using a step by step process.

Even better: You’ll learn how to plan our fishing outings to maximise catches a year in advance leaving the non-productive times for mowing the lawn and camping with the kids.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will learn in each module;

And believe it or not you will also get:

Bonus #1: In module comments to post your questions and queries right below the videos for me to answer and add clarification ($499 value)

Yes, you'll learn my top secret system of finding and fishing barra holding and funneling areas so the fish actually come to you.

...and if you have any questions about how the framework should work for you, you can ask me anything and usually get an answer within 24hours (less if I am not out on the water).

“This ecourse is going to be a massive success, not just because of the content involved, but the time you're devoting to your "students" to answer questions and putting forward offers like this, as well as still running a business. Congrats and thanks.” 

Jeff, Barra Basics Graduate

Bonus #2: Two group coaching webinars where you can ask me questions directly -for those that don't like typing! (Value $399)

Right now, there's absolutely no way you can hire me as a consultant. You see, a charter with me is not a tuition trip. Yes you might pick up a few tips, but generally, it is not a forum for fishing instruction.

However Barra Basics is a learning vehicle.

...and this is your chance to come armed with your most burning questions about using the framework to catch more barra and you'll get answers from me directly.

And don't worry if you can't make the calls as we will be posting the recording inside the Barra Basics membership area.

Hi Ryan and Karen, webinar was great, I'm stuck in cold Canberra ATM and couldn't dial in, you answered the Daintree questions very well and confirmed my suspicions about the sandy flats out the front, thanks.”

Nick, Barra Basics Graduate

Bonus #3: The Private Barra Basics Facebook group - value $499

Barra Basics is more than just hands on training - it's a community of likeminded fishermen and women just like you.

This will be your opportunity to bounce ideas and strategies off your peers...

...and get feedback in real time.

But what's truly amazing about this is you will surround yourself with people who are looking to grow their fishing skills too. This is truly priceless.

Finally got to put your framework to the test today Ryan, prior to completing this course I would have spent a day like today up a creek trying to escape the wind and dirty water. But by sticking to the framework and techniques learnt in the course I managed to have a reasonable day with the barra. Cheers mate!

Barra Basics Graduate, Example of comments in Barra Basics Private Facebook Group

Even after only one week of Barra Basics tuition, the dividends were already paying off for some of our dedicated students...

"A quick session today out on the headlands before the wind picked up with the family resulted in a 60cm Barra (and other by catches ) lure casting... All my timing and strategy had lined up with the course! Awesome no time wasted!!"

Barra Basics Graduate

"Used the framework and other tips from Ryan today, and picked up this fella!" [photo of 65cm barra]

Barra Basics Graduate

"Definitely money well spent this course!! First day off today, went trolling on the incoming tide. Pulled this 67cm Barra about two hours after low tide, and lost another at the boat not long before. Also caught a little 34cm Jack. Both released to fight another day!"

Barra Basics Graduate


The full Barra Basics Training Course. This includes concept and demonstration videos, 22 all up, the tried and proven Ryan Moody Fishing Framework, workbook and strategy calendar (Value $1699)


Access to the Private Barra Basics Facebook Community. This is where you interact with current Barra Basics students and future graduates. (Value 499)


Two group coaching webinars. Prefer to hear a voice. Our webinars provide an opportunity for me to personally answer your burning questions about catching barra using the framework (Value $399)


Online module comments: As a Barra Basics student, we want to make sure you get your questions answered. That's why we have our online module comments where you can ask me questions and request clarification about the module you are working on while it's fresh in your mind (Value $499)


The total value is $3096, but you'll pay far less than that.

And because of the high level of support we provide students, we are only running Barra Basics twice each year.


But check this: Whenever you enrol, not only are you assured of a place in the next class, you’ll also get any future updates of Barra Basics at no additional cost.

And if I add additional bonuses, you’ll get those for free as well.

If you have any questions about Barra Basics, I’ve got good news! I’ve got answers.

Is this training live? What if I can’t make the sessions?

I’ve got great news. You have NOTHING to worry about. The module content for Barra Basics is all pre-recorded training videos.  When you enrol in Barra Basics you get access to the content for the life of the course. There is no set time period to undertake the course.

You can go through the content again and again at your leisure and at your convenience for years to come. Better still you get access to all new content and bonuses for no additional cost.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about not getting your questions answered because access to the course includes in the in-module Q&A comments section, the private facebook group plus two webinars where you can talk to me personally.

And remember, you get lifetime access. So even if you have to put the course on pause, you can resume it whenever you like.

I am not the best with computers. How does the course work?

If you can watch a YouTube video, this is even easier! All the content is stored in a secure membership website. We will give you the website link, a username and password. But just like at the bank, if you don’t like the username or password you can change it. You can access the content via a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Anywhere there is internet access, you can log in.

I only just started fishing. Will Barra Basics work for me?

While the majority of our students will have caught some fish, I envisage a great deal of success with absolute beginners and here’s why… You will learn to think and behave like a top performer right from the start. You will avoid costly mistakes and be confident you are on the right track. We have also included a bonus on exactly what gear you need and how to use it.

I don’t have a boat. Will I still benefit from Barra Basics?

While most of the demonstrations involve the use of a vessel, catching barra is about understanding the movements and behaviour of the fish and using this to maximise your catches. At the end of the day, Barra Basics is about “fishing on the fish” to maximise your fishing productivity. Please understand however, it is not specifically about land based environments. We are considering a land based component for the next intake.

What if I am not ready?

If you want to join Barra Basics do it now! Is there ever a time you are truly ready for anything? Past students are already achieving results and the course will not be available for purchase at this price again. Barra Basics is only run twice a year in February and September so if you want to be first in line for the next intake and take advantage of the early bird price (or payment plan) the time to purchase is now.

Is Barra Basics right for me?

I’ll level with you. To become one of the 20% of fishers catching 80% of the fish, it’s hard.

That’s why I put together Barra Basics. It’s everything I wish I had when I started my charter business.

But you do have a couple of options available.

You could try and figure it out yourself.

And you know what? With 40 hours per week of time and several years of trial and error, you could probably do it.

Or you could take the short cut.

You see, I spent the last 30 years learning the ins and outs of barra behaviour, building a profitable and successful barra fishing charter business. And I’m sharing everything I know inside this course.

I don’t mean to brag, but I have caught nearly 2000 barra over a metre for clients, some 30,000 barra in total (actually I don’t even count anything under a metre). I practically live in the saltwater reaches of north Queensland chasing these fish and I have learned and thing or two about their patterns over the years.

As John C. Maxwell said, “A wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others’ mistakes. But the wisest of all learns from other’s successes.

You could hire a charter guide, fishing writer or other full time fishing experts to show you how”

But the truth is that would get really expensive.

If you’re looking to hire someone like myself for instance, my daily rate for a four person charter is $1000 per day.

It would take weeks to teach what is contained within this course. It took nearly two years to film and produce it.

I don’t even know what I would charge to teach you one on one what is contained within this course. And at this stage anyway, it is not an option that is currently on offer.

Or you can follow the Barra Basics training course and do it yourself… at a fraction of the cost. It’s a no brainer really.

So if you want to see me on the inside of the Barra Basics membership area and you are not already on the wait list, you can sign up here.


Get on the wait list!



Cheers Ryan


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About The Author

Ryan Moody

Ryan Moody started his fishing career on the reef boats before catching bucket list marlin for the likes of champion heavy tackle angler Johnno Johnson, INXS and the King of Sweden. Branching out in the late 80's to guided barramundi fishing, Ryan has made a name for himself as a Big Barramundi specialist and to date has put clients onto over 2000 metre plus barra. That is over 2 kilometres of metre plus barra! With attitudes changing from 'keep all you can' towards catch and release, Ryan has decided to share his extensive knowledge and hopefully inspire people of all ages to get out from behind the computer screen/TV and into the fishing outdoors lifestyle he has spent his life perfecting.

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  • doug lake

    Reply Reply November 10, 2014

    Hi Ryan, i live at seaforth north of mackay the fishing is ok, caught a few barra etc! i had a look at barra basics course and am very interested, one thing thou, i like to fish for other species as well eg: fingermark, grunter, threadfin etc! is the information/technique only viable for barra or is it able to be incorporated in persuing other species, particular those listed above. thank you Doug.

    • Ryan Moody

      Reply Reply October 10, 2015

      Hi Doug, sorry we missed your question. The barra basics course is specifically for targeting barramundi. They have particular habits and when targeting barra, we only occasionally catch other species. We are preparing other courses that specifically target the other species. We have threadfin tactics which will be released soon and after that one on fingermark. Be sure to enter your name and email into the box above to join our fishing community for all the details on release dates etc.

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