126 cm Barramundi using the Ryan Moody fishing framework

Barramundi Fishing with Strategy

Ryan Moody Fishing Student Ben Weston shares how his barramundi fishing went from so so to OMG simply by changing his thinking.

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Barramundi Fishing with Strategy…

Yes we have heard it all before ‘FISH SMARTER’… But do you actually do it?

The Ryan Moody barra fishing framework is a pretty simple concept on paper at a glance. But, it's a framework developed over 35 years of Ryan intimately, successfully and unsuccessfully targeting barramundi.

Tides in their simplest form are something almost every angler uses to somewhat plan a barra fishing trip.

So in effect, without being aware of it, you are beginning to develop a plan. But its one thing to formulate a plan, and another to actually execute that plan with a strategy in mind.

So apart from a quick scan of the tides and weather, do you actually fish with a plan or strategy?

In my second blog for Ryan Moody Fishing (RMF) I mentioned my stubbornness to use live baiting as a tool to successfully target and catch barramundi. Well the same stubbornness actually hindered me from actually formulating a plan and execute it based on the RMF Barra Basics framework, or with a strategy.

When I first moved to Central Queensland (CQ) the advice I was given was to “sit behind my sounder a look”. So for 18 months prior to enrolling into Barra Basics (BB) I searched, I looked and I gazed at that sounder for up to 8 hours without actually wetting a line, waiting for something magical to appear.

You may think that is crazy and it is, I give you the drum.

But what is more crazy is I paid $1300, enrolled in the BB course, then in the following months, time and time again I went out and did the same thing, stupidly blinded by previous bad habits. Fishing with no plan or strategy.

Predict barra movements and find barra easily by fishing with strategy.

That barramundi fishing trip was a turning point for me. I finally saw value in the education supplied to me within the course and began to follow Ryan's simple instructions. I did some homework to plan the trip, clarify my  strategy then hit the water and execute it. The penny had dropped for a better analogy!

I went back through the course like a high school dropout and in all honesty reinvented the way I fish for barra. Ready for it? I began to ‘Fish Smarter’ with ‘Strategy’!

The last month I have experienced some of the most crazy barra fishing of my life. Not crazy because on one trip I hosted the one and only Mad Huey’s, but crazy because the fishing was red hot. The kind of thing we anglers dream about.

Early in the month I landed my first 1 m saltwater barra, my first 1 m saltwater barra on lure and at 126 cm my biggest barra to date in either fresh or saltwater.

The thing is prior to the barra fishing trip I had scouted this area out. I looked for the best tides to fish it and at what time during the day using the correct technique. I was fishing with a strategy and with faith in Ryan's framework!!

Without a word of a lie I didn’t pack the boat and set off at 4 am in search for her. I actually packed the boat after getting the kids off to school, say 8:30 am and had a morning coffee with my wife prior to setting off. I was fishing with a strategy and with faith in the framework!!


126 cm Barramundi using the Ryan Moody fishing framework

The fish of a lifetime. A 126 cm barra caught fishing with two different techniques at the same time. Fishing Smarter to maximize results.



Barramundi Fishing with the Mad Hueys.

The following week I hosted The Mad Huey crew.

I fished an area which I was very familiar with, but had a strategy to subsequently ensure the Huey boys where in the game almost 100% of the time. This was systematically planned through precision timing during certain periods in particular locations throughout the day.

As a result, the guys all landed their first barra and many more with the biggest fish being 91 cm, using both live baiting and luring techniques mixed up to suit particular periods of the day.

Again, barramundi fishing with a strategy and with faith in the framework!!


The Mad Hueys barra fishing in central Queensland

Captain Blackbeard was the most eager to land his first barra. I was confident it wasn't a matter of if but when. Barramundi fishing with confidence is the key to consistent results.


The Mad Hueys Joel with his first barra

Unbeknown to The Mad Hueys the hard work had had been done. I had meticulously planned the trip before they arrived. lt showed. Joel was stoked with his first barra!


The Ryan Moody framework pays off big time for the Mad Hueys catching barramundi

A crazy hot barra bite predicted through confidence in Ryan Moody Framework. Fishing Smarter, The Mad Huey's agree!


The roll continued the following week when my father,who was recovering from back surgery, asked on the back of the surgeon’s permission to go for a fish.

Being time poor I choose the same system as my 126 cm fish.

In this case however it was polar opposite tides, so a different location was selected to coincide with the framework.

Dad landed a 114, 118 and an 81 cm fish in a 2 hour hot bite. I was barra fishing with a strategy and with faith in the framework!!

114cm barramundi from central Queensland

Graham with a 114 cm barra. Choosing your time, your place and your technique equals and getting the job done. Actually fishing with strategy!

You would have heard many anglers say confidence is an integral part of being consistent. Barramundi fishing with a strategy establishes a solid ‘confident’ foundation for you to execute a plan, something that a framework gives you.

So, do you actually fish with strategy?

If you'd like to take your fishing to another level just as I have, simply by changing your thinking, check out Ryan's fishing with strategy training by clicking the link below.

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Tight Lines,



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Passionate angler, fishing writer and photography enthusiast, Ben writes a under the moniker Westofish and has published articles in several well known fishing publications. Ben loves all things fishing and in recent years has developed a lure flicking addiction for some of Australia's toughest tropical species; mangrove jacks, fingermark, salmon and the iconic barramundi.

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