Ribbon Reefs

Ribbon Reefs – Great Barrier Reef

Each year for the last two years we have headed to the Ribbon Reefs on the Great Barrier Reef for Xmas. And this year was no exception! After the amazing trip we had to Princess Charlotte Bay in October, we had planned a two week trip. The plan was to spend some time at Lizard…

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Feeder creek into Princess charlotte Bay

Blue Salmon Blues – Princess Charlotte Bay Episode 5

Episode 5 of our Princess Charlotte Bay trip we aptly named the Blue Salmon Blues (click here to start the series from the beginning). Fishing the first part of our trip was curtailed due to the fin fish closure. Despite the magic weather offshore, we were limited to targeting Fingermark and other permitted species. As luck…

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Fishing the Flinders Islands at Sunset

Fishing the Flinders Islands – PCB Episode 4

In Episode 4 of our Princess Charlotte Bay trip we have a mad fingermark session fishing the Flinders Islands (click here to start at Episode 1). Because the start of our trip fell in the fin fish closure, we were limited in the species we could target. Coral trout and large mouth nannygai were off…

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Cruising the great barrier reef

Cruising the Great Barrier Reef PCB Ep. 3

In episode 3 of our Princess Charlotte Bay trip (click here to go to the beginning), we spend a few days cruising the barrier reef. The weather window fell in the last few days of the fin fish closure. So in this episode we travel up the coast beachcombing, snorkelling and fixing breakdowns! The fin…

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Reflecting on 2021

Well it’s the end of the year and time to start reflecting on 2021. So we can let that year go and gear up for 2022. This time of year we like to do three things. Reflecting on the year just gone. Looking forward to the new year ahead. Thank our followers, students and community…

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Northern Adventure fishing Lookout Point

Northern Adventure Begins

After months of preparation, finally the northern adventure to Princess Charlotte bay begins. To see how we prepped for the trip, please see Episode 1. We have been planning a northern adventure in our big boat Mood Swings since we purchased her in 2016. In this episode we depart Cairns (late of course) and head…

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Essential spares for a long boat trip.

Boat trip planning and preparation for Princess Charlotte Bay

To head on a long trip to a remote location such as Princess Charlotte Bay, requires a ton of boat trip planning and preparation. In fact we bought the boat in 2016 for this very trip. But for those of you who are new to our blog and community, a few things have happened. The…

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Men being men - night fishing for barramundi

What lies on the road ahead for men being men

Recent events have presented a huge challenge for men being men. One of our students Steve Newby wrote a brilliant piece on men’s wellness and how being cooped up by COVID has limited men’s ability to indulge in their basic primal instincts. It was too good not to share. It was initially written as a…

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Sunset while camping at cape melville

Camping at Cape Melville

Camping at Cape Melville is one of our most treasured locations. Because it is so spectacular! The giant black rocks covering the hillsides, sloping down onto a stunning white beach is one of a kind. On this trip we headed back to the region as it has been some time (like a decade) since last…

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Catch big fish Slow pitch jigging

Make your own assist hooks

Save money and easily make your own ASSIST HOOKS for slow pitch jigging. After a few big fish, the dacron holding the hooks can fray and become unusable. But what of the hooks? With a length of dacron, a home made needle and some heat shrink, recycle the hooks and make your own assist hooks.…

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