Autohome Columbus roof top tent

Autohome Columbus Roof Top Tent Review

Back in 2009 Karen bought a short wheel base Pajero and an Autohome Columbus Roof top tent. It was her goal to travel solo across the Simpson Desert (now Munga-Thirri) and travel remotely for 3 months. She left in June 2010 and on that journey crossed the Simpson. She also travelled the Strzelecki and Birdsville…

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CREB track winding over the range.

Daintree to Wujal Wujal via the CREB track (Part 2)

Travelling from the Daintree to Wujal Wujal, the CREB track is reported to be one of the toughest 4×4 tracks in Australia. We started our journey in Cairns. You can follow from the beginning in our blog on the CREB track (Part 1). Wujal Wujal is a small aboriginal township near Cooktown. Wujal Wujal is…

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Creek crossing on the CREB track

Tackling the CREB track (Part 1)

The CREB track from Daintree to Wujul Wujul has been on our bucket list for about ten years know! It is reported to be one of the most challenging 4×4 tracks in Australia with steep slopes and stunning scenery. The CREB track is impassable in the wet and often closed. CREB stands for Cairns Regional…

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Best sunglasses for fishing

Best Sunglasses for Fishing IMO

The best sunglasses for fishing are not just to protect your eyes from harsh glare. They are also an effective tool for fishing in general; from catching live bait in the shallows with a cast net to sight casting big trout on the reef flats. Since so many people ask me what I wear, we…

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Ryan Moody and Paul Green

Vale Paul Green

Last week another mate of mine took his life. A great fisherman, a father, an exemplary sportsman, a championship winning coach. And on top of all that a really humble and caring man. One of our students Chris Ballard was introduced to Greeny after we raised $50K for Chris’ Tour de Cure fundraising, and really…

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Catching live bait in winter

Fishing with live bait in winter

Fishing with live bait in winter can be a good alternative to lures. In winter or during a cold snap, the water temperature drops and it can be hard to raise a fish on lures. My favourite live bait for barra during winter are prawns. But fingermark/golden snapper readily take a green back herring or…

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Fish thinking about me meme

More fishing memes

After sending an email last week with our funniest fishing memes, members of community sent in theirs! Some of these were just too funny not to share. Especially for those that aren’t on social media and don’t get to see these regularly. And don’t forget to drop back to our first fishing memes compilation from…

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Funniest fishing memes of 2022

Laughter really is the best medicine, together with fishing, so we combined the two this week with our funniest fishing memes compilation for 2022. With all the doom and gloom in the media, we need some light relief. And if you can’t get out fishing, these memes are the next best thing. If you are…

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Getting offshore during the weather window

RMF Best Blogs Compilation

Sadly we haven’t really been able to get out fishing much due to the weather and our work editing Locating Livies. Hence no fishing video this week. It’s an RMF best blogs compilations and thanks for tuning in. In the email that we send to our community, I was extolling the virtues of taking time…

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Single vs treble hooks

Treble vs single hooks for offshore fishing

When it comes to offshore lures, the debate between using treble vs single hooks can be a contentious one. After decades as a fishing guide and trial and error myself, I’ve come up with a few rules of thumb that I thought I might share with you. Rules of thumb for treble vs single hooks…

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