Burley bombs to attract and catch reef fish

Burley Bombs – the clean way to consistently catch reef fish

Using burley is a well established method to attract reef fish to your boat.

Typically, bait is chopped up on the spot and thrown randomly overboard, or is placed in a chum tube and manually minced at intervals to disperse the bits and pieces of burley.

The problem is, that without a constant steady stream, fish lose the trail and it’s not as effective.

Remember Quint in “Jaws” – he was very particular about the constant stream of burley and the same principal applies.

Plus the big chunks often feed the fish, rather than arouse their interest and encourage them to swim up the burley trail.

So unlike these on the spot methods, I prefer to pre-package my burley so to speak, using a blender and some chinese take-away containers.

Rather than throw out old bait and pilchards, blend them up with some added water, and freeze for later use.

Once out at the reef, simply remove the lid, place in a onion bag or keeper net, and dangle over the side.

As the concoction thaws, it releases a steady stream of burley pieces too small to feed the fish but just enough scent and enticement to draw the fish in.

So when they get to the boat they are ravenous! (hopefully).

You can also add a longer line and dive weight to get the burley down to the bottom.

I’ve been doing this for years and it works a treat.

Watch the video below for the details and please share if you think others will benefit.


Love to hear your comments below about using burley to attract reef fish.

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