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how to tie a quick and easy bowline knot that can be undone even after being pulled tight.

How to tie a bowline knot that won’t tighten on itself

Knots that won’t come undone are good in some instances but not in others! One of the most useful knots to know if you are into boating and four wheel driving is the bowline. Now there are a number of variations on this knot and there’s no right or wrong way to tie it, but…

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How to repair your cast net on the spot

It’s a pretty hard life for a cast net these days. They are not made of the same mettle as they used to be, and on days when bait is scarce, one is forced to throw into otherwise unsuitable terrain. The result more often than not is a busted pocket or two. Throwing a cast…

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Braid vs Mono

Barra Fishing Tip: Braid vs Mono for barra

Over the years I have been asked several times what I run on my rods, braid vs mono. Last month I did a short presentation for the opening of the new BCF Deeragun store Townsville and was asked the same question. Braid vs Mono Basically, to answer the braid vs mono question… I use mono…

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