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fishing with live bait using circle hooks

Live baiting for barramundi using circle hooks

The advantage of using circle hooks when live baiting for barramundi, threadys or fingemark over your traditional J hook or suicide hook, is more often than not the fish is hooked in the corner of the mouth. If your intention is to release the fish, circle hooks or half circle hooks like the Eagle Claw…

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How to catch mangrove crabs

Kids driving you mad? Entertain them by catching mangrove crabs

Well it’s that time of year again… School holiday time. And if you are like me and you don’t like leaving the kids to entertain themselves for hours, even days playing computer games and x-box, fishing is a great way to get them into the great outdoors. Some of the most fun I have with…

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How to repair your cast net on the spot

It’s a pretty hard life for a cast net these days. They are not made of the same mettle as they used to be, and on days when bait is scarce, one is forced to throw into otherwise unsuitable terrain. The result more often than not is a busted pocket or two. Throwing a cast…

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Collecting bait at beach creek mouths

Barra Fishing Tips: Beach creek mouths for bait

Barra like their food moving. Because of this, thrashing the water to foam luring can be a very successful technique. But if you prefer to sit back and enjoy a coldie while fishing, live bait is going to be your best option. Yes you may have caught one on a strip bait once or twice,…

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Quick release cleat

How to catch barra; Anchor on the fish

Anchoring on the fish while live baiting for barramundi or other tropical species has never been easier than with these quick release clips. When live baiting, I like to anchor side on to fish holding locations, using bow and stern anchors. Not only can I fish four to five rods using this method, I can…

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rigging live mullet

Barra Fishing Tips; Rigging live mullet

When rigging live mullet it seems the most common way is to pin it through the back. In my experience, rigging live mullet by pinning them in the middle of the back tends to drown the bait as they spin in the current. I rig my livies differently depending on size and species, and in…

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Winter Barra Bait

Barra Fishing Tips: Winter barra bait

People tell me it is hard to catch barra in winter, and sometimes that is true. They certainly behave differently in winter than summer, and it can be downright frustrating to sit on a big aggregation and not get a single bite, no matter WHAT you throw at them. You might have even seen the…

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Braid vs Mono

Barra Fishing Tip: Braid vs Mono for barra

Over the years I have been asked several times what I run on my rods, braid vs mono. Last month I did a short presentation for the opening of the new BCF Deeragun store Townsville and was asked the same question. Braid vs Mono Basically, to answer the braid vs mono question… I use mono…

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Cast nets for catching bait

Top tip for clean and dry cast netting

Tired of getting covered in crap and jellyfish tentacles while cast netting? I sure did about 25 years ago which is why I developed a new way!!! Now I’m not going to boast that I am the only one to use this method, because I’m sure others must have stumbled upon it. But most people…

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How to remove box jellyfish in your castnet.

With venom one of the deadliest in the world, it’s unfortunate when you get box jellyfish in your castnet. Because I know only too well how unpleasant it is to be stung! Usually getting hit a couple of times per season – mostly minor of course. For those unfamiliar with a box jellyfish, these critters inhabit…

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