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Metre plus barramundi caught on a twitch bait

Twitch bait lures for impoundment barramundi

Those familiar with our fishing blog will know that Ryan pretty much exclusively fishes for saltwater barramundi. So we commissioned one of our Barra Basics students and ardent freshwater barra angler Nick Philippa to write a few words about the success he’s had with twitch baits on impoundment barra. Incidentally, soon after Nick went to…

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Catching reef fish using Fin_Nor Lethal off Queensland coast

Fin-Nor Lethal Reel Review

Guest writer Nick Philippa shares his thoughts on the Fin-Nor Lethal 100 fishing reel. Every now and then fishing tackle is released and it far exceeds my expectations. I follow reel reviewer Alan Hawk religiously (, so when he rated the Fin Nor Lethal 100 as the best budget offshore fishing reel he’d reviewed I…

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Red bass are high risk carriers of ciguatera toxin

How to avoid Ciguatera poisoning

Guest fishing writer Nick Philippa shares his research on ciguatera poisoning and interviews Ryan Moody who had a bout of it back in 1997. For years I’ve heard all about the ciguatera toxin and ciguatera poisoning and I really thought I knew what it was until I started research for this article. Turns out I…

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