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Fish thinking about me meme

More fishing memes

After sending an email last week with our funniest fishing memes, members of community sent in theirs! Some of these were just too funny not to share. Especially for those that aren’t on social media and don’t get to see these regularly. And don’t forget to drop back to our first fishing memes compilation from…

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Funniest fishing memes of 2022

Laughter really is the best medicine, together with fishing, so we combined the two this week with our funniest fishing memes compilation for 2022. With all the doom and gloom in the media, we need some light relief. And if you can’t get out fishing, these memes are the next best thing. If you are…

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Getting offshore during the weather window

RMF Best Blogs Compilation

Sadly we haven’t really been able to get out fishing much due to the weather and our work editing Locating Livies. Hence no fishing video this week. It’s an RMF best blogs compilations and thanks for tuning in. In the email that we send to our community, I was extolling the virtues of taking time…

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Ryan Moody Fishing lures

Ryan Moody Fishing Lures

Gosh after all the fanfare and tech issues, the Ryan Moody Fishing lures are finally available! Here’s a quick video about them and links below to buy now.   We have had so many technical difficulties getting the software sorted to deliver these babies so I reckon they will go pretty fast You can grab…

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Wallaman Falls

Wallaman Falls

Funny how some of the best tourist attractions are rarely visited by locals. Enter… Wallaman Falls! Ryan has lived in this region since BIRTH and had never visited Wallaman Falls. Is this surprising? Well, I suppose it is considering it’s the largest single drop Waterfall in Australia! I mean, wouldn’t you want to see it?…

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Coral trout underwater

Best fishing rig for coral trout

When bottom bashing over heavy structure, the best fishing rig for coral trout in my opinion is a free running rig. What fishing rig to use in different applications is super important and something few people get right. Mostly because what happens under the water in different conditions has never been explained. For example, when…

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What sounder should I buy.

What sounder should I buy?

Over all our social media channels, email and messages, we probably get asked, “What sounder should I buy?” about 10-15 times a day. MYTH BUSTER… Funnily enough, that question in itself is not that helpful when looking for a new sounder/fish finder. Ask instead, “What transducer will suit me best?” I am amazed at the…

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drink like a fish

Do you drink like a fish?

Last week I was digging through my old marine biology papers, and found one I wrote many years ago titled… “Osmoregulation in euryhaline teleost fishes with emphasis on the role of chloride cells.” Now that sounds really boring… But I think it’s actually pretty interesting and here’s a bit of fish trivia for you. Did…

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red tide algal boom is not coral spawn

Trichodesmium blooms are often confused with coral spawn.

Seasoned anglers at one stage or other, will probably have encountered a grey, red, or brown slick on the ocean surface, usually assumed to be coral spawn. Chances are the culprit is actually a naturally occurring algal bloom called Trichodesmium. Trichodesmium is often present in the water column of tropical ocean waters, especially during the warmer…

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Barra Fishing Tips: 3 key elements you MUST get right to catch barramundi

There are three key elements you must get right to catch more barramundi. Working it out however is not that easy! Let me explain. In my first year of uni I struck up friendship with my university lecturer Dr. Catherine Pickering. A botanist. I started working for her as a research assistant on alpine plants,…

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