As a welcome back to our community, we've created this short exclusive blog for previous community members. In it Ryan shares some common sense suggestions to help you avoid being SHARKED, namely...

  • Don't throw fish frames into the water.
  • Move if you lose 2 or 3 fish.
  • Find your own spots (we can help you do this with our fish finder courses).

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OK. For some great 'sharked' footage and a peek into Ryan's frustration, lets get into it...


Now you've watched the "sharked" video, why not take a look at some  recent posts you may have missed?

catching bar cheeked trout on wonky holes

Of course the most effective way to avoid being sharked is to find your own spots. Sharks are creatures of habit and have been "pinching" fish for years. Using 30 years of Ryan's on water knowledge using all manner of fish finders (going back decades), we can help you find your own new untouched spots even in hard fish waters no matter where in the world you live or what brand of fish finder you prefer.  

In our comprehensive course Sounder Skills 2 we’ll cover:

  • reef assessments
  • deep water assessments
  • creek assessments; 
  • and most importantly how to find new ground. 

Ryan hasn't caught thousands of trophy fish over the years by fishing known spots... let us show you how you can too!


Learn at your own pace with this Step by Step Training

  • Over a few weeks or in a 6-hour binge.
  • Anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Mobile and Tablet friendly.
  • Revisit and review for life.

The entire program is available to you the moment you complete your registration!

The reality is, the only way you can learn this practical kind of stuff is to spend 30 years on the water... or have someone like Ryan show you.

Let us give you the shortcut to improving your fishing.

Big GT

So welcome back to the community.

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Great to have you back.