Wonky Holes - Private Study Group Report

These reports were compiled as a service to our study group community by one of our students Steve Newby. Steve has done all our courses and has become an amazing angler in his own right. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people participating in our courses. The support they give each other to become better anglers is a pleasure to be a part of and one of the most enjoyable aspect of our fishing courses.

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This private study group can quite easily be titled “How to successfully draw blood from a stone” and could be considered one of the more strategic groups. Finding and discovering Wonky Holes on a regular basis presents a real challenge, let alone finding the ones which are untouched.

But like anything that requires a precise, strategic plan and a considerable amount of hard work, the rewards at the end are huge. Members are regularly on the hunt for new ground and the ones who contribute the most time and willing to share their insights are the ones who receive the most feedback and success. Everyone appreciates a valuable contribution and getting involved in the private group discussions is a sure-fire way to begin finding these locations regularly.

Recent discussions have centred around asking for feedback on specific maps people have presented to the group, and newer members are really starting to home in on search areas. Like always though, some of the more seasoned members are on hand to share their results and Nathan Porter has it well and truly dialled in.

I think the thing with Nathans recent post that stood out was that I could relate it to my own experiences with my old man. Up until joining the RMF family, my old man had taught me everything I knew about fishing from as soon as I could walk.

Nathan treated his old man to a wonky trip and appears the tables have turned! Nathan converted his Dad into a Wonky Hole believer, producing some cracking fish that hit the deck. To share that with his old man and show him a few new tricks is really a humbling experience that can’t be beaten, or compared to any other fishing experience. I dare say his Dad will be putting his hand up to decky on a few more trips, much like my old man with the Threadies and Barra.

Nathan Porter- Old Man Successfully Converted

The Wonky Holes course never fails to produce and is one course that I am personally in awe of members results. These areas are gold mines but like every good miner, you need to know where that gold lies. Areas of Australia are littered with these fish-holding gems and the students who fish them regularly need not worry about a gym membership, that’s for sure!!

The members in the know have their “milk runs” mapped out and even after a stint on the sidelines, can revisit these areas on a whim and come up with some sensational arm-stretching fish.

One member out of action while was Nickoli Frewtell. Time constraints get the better of us all occasionally but being able to pack up and go when those constraints ease and target fish in productive areas is a testament to the course and what you, yourself, can learn within the course.

Nickoli wrote: “Been super busy of late refitting the boat out and working. But a wise man told me “a padlock on the doors is the unlocking of freedom” so with a break in the weather, we went for a wonky bash and the nannies played the game! If you’re able to get out, the holes are on fire! Pulled a couple of fish off each wonky and left them biting to move onto the next. Started fishing at 6:30 am and were heading back in by 10”

How’s that for a session? I’m sure we can all relate to being busy during our lives but who wouldn’t want to have that sort of day on the water for themselves! Top job mate.


Areas off the coast where Wonky Holes are commonly located have probably been most affected by the adverse weather conditions along the east coast during the last few months. It has meant that reports have been few and far between, but those few who have managed to find a window of opportunity, have again had some great results.

Nathan Porter and Nickoli Frewtell have again caught their share, with Nickoli finding some productive new ground while trolling for Black Marlin in unfamiliar territory off Cairns. Jason Brand has joined in with a great catch of his own, sparking a discussion about the fish school’s behaviour if you’re unlucky to drop a few! It happens to the best of us but having the confidence and knowing you can move on to another productive area is what it’s all about.


A final word from Steve

You really can’t go wrong with any course you choose to participate in, everyone who joins is always welcomed and given all the tools to creating their own fishing success, not only in Australia but the world over.

You may never hear or see of the more successful members, but this is your insight into what you can expect when becoming a member. The groups are filled with some of arguably Australia’s most accomplished fisho’s and because they don’t come with any flashy social media presence or fanfare, doesn’t mean these high-class anglers don’t exist! They well and truly exist inside each and every one of Ryan’s private study groups.

Being a part of it all and rubbing shoulders with the best is only a membership away and there’s not a single member yet who can say that they are disappointed. Everyone learns, everyone shares, take the plunge and get involved.