Threadfin Tactics - Private Study Group Report

These reports were compiled as a service to our study group community by one of our students Steve Newby. Steve has done all our courses and has become an amazing angler in his own right. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people participating in our courses. The support they give each other to become better anglers is a pleasure to be a part of and one of the most enjoyable aspect of our fishing courses.

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For any of the group anglers successfully targeting these fish, there’s a mutual understanding of just how EPIC these highly under-rated species are. How it remains the group with the smallest member base beggar’s belief. I often wonder that if people knew just how hard they fight and how great they are on the plate, everyone would be jumping on board.

I myself was fortunate enough to tangle with some absolute beasts on a recent trip to Rockhampton, stretching the measuring tape well over the 140cm mark! To be able to drive from Brisbane without having fished that particular area of the system before, knowing EXACTLY where I need to be and when before I even launch the boat, is a testament to the information contained within the course.

I absolutely love targeting this species on a regular basis and the fishery in Brisbane is equally outstanding in comparison to the net free zone in Rockhampton, with captures of 140cm+ fish not uncommon if you know where to fish.

One of the members making the most headway in recent times would be Seth Wright. Seth had sought advice earlier in the year to try and hone some of his techniques and Ryan was on hand to impart his expert advice. Within a short few months, Seth found himself engaged in an epic session of over 10 fish using a range of techniques taught within the course. Again, among the broader fishing community, everyone would be led to believe that these fish can only be taken using live baits or soft vibes, but Seth had another trick up his sleeve!

Seth shares his technique within the private study group. Ryan had such an enjoyable time chasing these fish in Rockhampton himself and has decided to take a massive $200 off the entry into the course in the upcoming sale! These fish can be successfully targeted from as far south as the Logan and Brisbane rivers in Qld, all the way through the Northern Territory, across to Western Australia and really are one of the ultimate inshore sportfish.

Seth Wright - Thready Tactician

Seth Wright – Thready Tactician

While no one could argue that Ryan remains the top of the tree when having a solution to targeting these fish through winter (and every fish for that matter), course students are hot on the trail towards making these fish a viable all-year-round prospect. This time of year, we traditionally see the Threadfin exhibit varying habits as their metabolism slows with the dropping water temperatures. For course students, it merely presents another challenge to target them outside of their main spawning periods and aggregations.

Finding the fish regularly and having a solution for when the bite slows is the challenge and Jamie Ahmat in particular is gaining ground towards making them a yearly prospect. His patience, perseverance and understanding of the course content continue to grow and there’s no doubt that Jamie will see plenty more of these fish over the side of the boat in the coming months.

The little brother to Barra Basics also had its first webinar last month. Plenty of students showed up in the live chat with Ryan to have their questions, ideas and thoughts answered personally by Ryan himself. To have that quality one on one interaction with the boss is a great way for students to clarify their thoughts and set them on their way to a better understanding, an opportunity that only members of the courses are fortunate enough to receive.


Again, this is a great time to join as Thready season is just around the corner. I’ve caught well over 100 fish in my short few years as a member and I am particularly looking forward to progressing as an angler and honing my lure fishing skills in the upcoming season. All made possible by my participation in the course.

They are an absolutely awesome fish to catch and even my Dad landed his first solo Thready on a recent outing. But talk about coming in hot, Brock Hawker come in like a freight train absolutely slaying some monster Fitzroy River Threadies in his first month of being a member!!!

Brock made time for a number of trips within his first month and worked particularly hard at locating some of the monsters that Rocky is becoming known for. Fishing in the more well-known haunts produced lesser quality fish but he stuck to his guns, asked the right questions and it wasn’t long at all before he was headed in the right direction.

2 sessions resulted in 5 fish, all over the 120cm mark and the biggest measuring in at a whopping 138cm. They exist in the system measuring in at well over 150cm and I don’t think it will be long before Brock is back among them and stretching his P.B. even further. Awesome job mate, that’s certainly one way to make an entrance!


A final word from Steve

You really can’t go wrong with any course you choose to participate in, everyone who joins is always welcomed and given all the tools to creating their own fishing success, not only in Australia but the world over.

You may never hear or see of the more successful members, but this is your insight into what you can expect when becoming a member. The groups are filled with some of arguably Australia’s most accomplished fisho’s and because they don’t come with any flashy social media presence or fanfare, doesn’t mean these high-class anglers don’t exist! They well and truly exist inside each and every one of Ryan’s private study groups.

Being a part of it all and rubbing shoulders with the best is only a membership away and there’s not a single member yet who can say that they are disappointed. Everyone learns, everyone shares, take the plunge and get involved.