Sounder Skills 2 - Private Study Group Report

These reports were compiled as a service to our study group community by one of our students Steve Newby. Steve has done all our courses and has become an amazing angler in his own right. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people participating in our courses. The support they give each other to become better anglers is a pleasure to be a part of and one of the most enjoyable aspect of our fishing courses.

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The goal of Sounder Skills 2 is simple. Help you put more fish in the boat in less time. Like Barra Basics, the inventory of information within the private group is another pot of gold and from complete novices, right through to seasoned sounder users, SS2 has something for everybody. While the group isn’t so much “fishing” focused, a lot of technical information can be found and puts you in charge of your own fishing destiny! SS2 allows YOU to be the guide among your family and friends and puts you in the box seat to finding new ground and fishing untouched waters. Understanding your fish finding equipment is the master key to unlocking all the doors to any and all species, so if you’re really serious about taking your fishing to the next level, then this is the must have course in the RMF stable. Inshore, offshore, anywhere, it’s all there and considering how it affordable it is, all I can say is just do it. The knowledge base of technical advice is there to set you on your way to catching more fish, so if you’ve been on the fence, dive in and be assured that Ryan and the other knowledgeable members are there to assist you in any and every way possible. A standout member among the group is Keir Gillam. Keir has absolutely stretched and tested the limits of his gear and is quickly becoming somewhat of a deep-water expert in the waters off Tasmania. It’s not often that the average angler will venture to the depths that Keir does, but his progression and willingness to share his information is second to none. If that’s your cup of tea, SS2 is the place to take a sip and Keir’s valuable insights are assured to fast-track your own deeper-water success. For those who join before the end of May have a chance to win $4000 worth of Garmin equipment so your membership might pay you back tenfold!

Keir Gillam- Bluefin Tuna On Fly!

It may have been stated before, but if a better understanding of your fish finding equipment is what you’re looking for, Sounder Skills 2 is the course that can take you from the novice angler to achieving many more of your fishing goals, all in the one place.

The extensive database of information in the private group relating to successfully using your sounder is worth the entry fee alone. You could spend upwards of a week or more searching through the extensive information, there’s also a growing list of practical use examples to read through about how people are putting their skills to use to put more fish in the boat! And at the end of the day, that’s what understanding your fish finder is all about, making your time on the water more productive and putting those fish you’ve always wanted to target, over the side of the boat. Sounder Skills 2 is arguably the only place in the world that empowers you with the right understanding, putting you in control to make that happen.

During the last few months, Sounder Skills members were also in the running to win some of the latest fish finding equipment from Garmin. The secret length competition saw anglers worldwide share their exceptional catches and provide further insight into just how Sounder Skills 2 has helped them target a variety of species. The competition closed at the end of May and the lucky winner walked away with over $4000 worth of prizes. That lucky recipient happened to be Tom Peacocke, whose submission was of 2 Barramundi he had caught with his partner.

Tom wrote: “Since doing the course, my main goal was to get my girlfriend onto a legal Barra. Had been a long time coming!! SS2 helped me identify an area the fish would be holding and to utilise a side scan to mark the fish. Needless to say, she was pretty stoked with the result, more than 15 fish boated that day!”

Congratulations Tom on your effort and I’m sure the extra equipment will be put to very good use! It just goes to show how important having that understanding really is when it comes to your fishing and how enjoyable your own time on the water can be if you have the knowledge presented in Sounder Skills 2.


While I touched briefly on my own experience locating schools of Jewfish that the Jumpinpin is renowned for, ill share a bit more insight into just how much time and effort has gone into making these fish a regular, viable target. And just how valuable Sounder Skills 2 has been to see it come to fruition.

I personally have only been using fish-finding equipment for as little as 3-4 years. Initially, when sounding the area, it was evident that I really had no idea what I was looking at, or what I was supposed to be looking for. The area is littered with coffee rock ledges, washouts and undulations, throwing multiple shadows and forever leaving me second-guessing.

As I became more experienced, I started to piece together just what that underwater image was telling me and at the very least was starting to make out how the area was structured. Mind you, this has been over the course of a number of trips over a number of years!

The fact was, that with all my second-guessing, I just wasn’t seeing these fish at all until recently. I’m fortunate to be a member of all of Ryan’s course groups and was able to come up with a new strategy as to when I should be timing my search efforts. And sure enough, there they were! They stand out rather significantly against the structure and finally have confirmation on what I need to be seeing before I start fishing.

It can take time and without the course to reference back to, I think I would still be taking a “hit and hope” approach. Where now I’m confident that’s it’s only a matter of time before fishing turns to catching by simply having a better understanding of interpreting my sounder images.


A final word from Steve

You really can’t go wrong with any course you choose to participate in, everyone who joins is always welcomed and given all the tools to creating their own fishing success, not only in Australia but the world over.

You may never hear or see of the more successful members, but this is your insight into what you can expect when becoming a member. The groups are filled with some of arguably Australia’s most accomplished fisho’s and because they don’t come with any flashy social media presence or fanfare, doesn’t mean these high-class anglers don’t exist! They well and truly exist inside each and every one of Ryan’s private study groups.

Being a part of it all and rubbing shoulders with the best is only a membership away and there’s not a single member yet who can say that they are disappointed. Everyone learns, everyone shares, take the plunge and get involved.