Finding Fingermark - Private Study Group Report

These reports were compiled as a service to our study group community by one of our students Steve Newby. Steve has done all our courses and has become an amazing angler in his own right. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people participating in our courses. The support they give each other to become better anglers is a pleasure to be a part of and one of the most enjoyable aspect of our fishing courses.

Click the tabs below to meet some of our students and for insights into what happens in our Ryan Moody Fishing private study groups.

I envy very few, but the members who get to target these fish on a regular basis would come very close! On my recent trips to Rockhampton, I was fortunate enough to tangle with a few of these exceptionally tasty Lutjanids and gain a small insight into just what these fish are about.

Being a more southern student based in Brisbane, my own immediate goal within the group has been to apply the techniques within the course to Snapper and the next 6 months for me presents an exciting new challenge. Of course, like many of the other contributors to the private study groups, I’ll endeavour to share my insights into how it can be applied to other species, adding further value to an already invaluable course.

But back to the Fingermark. This study group can be a little cagey considering how prized the catch is and between this group and Wonky Holes, there’s a well-respected and mutual understanding that anything that DOES get shared between members, is merely a bonus.

There are the hidden gems presented with their elements of mystery, but as with all the courses in the RMF stable, you’re provided the tools to pioneering your own path to success, regardless of outside assistance. One such member that has landed on his feet almost immediately is Rock Elford.

Rock joined recently and his first post was impressive to say the least! “A couple of days after finishing the course, go to a spot I’ve been driving over for the last 10 years. Finally pull up and put a few things into practice, oh my god. What a nice surprise!” No prizes for guessing just what that surprise was, 2 absolute belter Fingermark!!

To rub salt into my slightly envious wounds, Rock backed it up recently with another bag of some of the oceans finest tasting fish using the knowledge and insights he’s gained from his membership in the courses. This is only one of the recent success stories and the groups are filled with many others like them, being inside the private study groups really does have to be seen to be believed.

Anglers of all abilities are smashing their fishing goals and to be a part of it is a real privilege.

Rock Elford- Immediate Fingermark Success


While Barra Basics remains the flagship species-specific course with the largest member base, Finding Fingermark is beginning to come into its own with its potential to assist a broader range of anglers targeting a large variety of demersal foraging species. Students are stretching the boundaries of what was once a course traditionally designed for anglers to target Fingermark in Northern waters, now, they are successfully applying the knowledge and techniques further afield.

Coming into the winter period, one species on the menu is the Snapper. Understanding the course content opens up the world of opportunities to target these fish across the southern half of Australia, even across the ditch to New Zealand! One angler making the most of the course to target Snapper is Dave Alvos from Brisbane.

Dave signed up in July last year to hone his skills and has since had some exceptional results fishing in Moreton Bay. Prior to the course, Dave had struggled to identify productive fish-holding locations and his results were sporadic at best. Dave entered the course catching barely legal fish and knew that Ryan’s course would be just the ticket to improve after witnessing other student’s outcomes.

Almost a year in and trophy size 70cm+ Snapper are regularly on the menu from almost every trip! His planning and execution of the course content highlight just how important it is to have an understanding of your target species and Ryan has provided the tools and techniques for all anglers to succeed within what is fast becoming the “All-rounders” choice of courses.

Ryan would love to see many more members enjoying their fishing and the Snapper, in particular, are absolutely running hot at the moment!! Course students have had a great start to the season and it’s still early enough to get involved catching some equally epic, southern winter species.


It’s becoming more commonly known that Finding Fingermark is effective on a range of other species, although the course has always been designed around the habits of Fingermark specifically. Opportunities exist throughout all tide cycles for these fish and the course content quickly dispels any misconceptions that they can only be caught under certain conditions.

There is too much time wasted by fisho’s on wives tales and myths when they could just be implementing a solid fishing strategy. Moon up, Moon below, 10-20 fish a plenty, Solunar cycles, the list goes on and if we were waiting for all these elements to align, we would NEVER go fishing! Having an intimate understanding of the species you are targeting is a hell of a lot more valuable and productive in comparison to buying into what ultimately end up becoming reasons people come up with as to why they don’t catch fish.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and having a strategic plan to suit the day’s conditions, that have been proven to be effective time and time again, will make you a much better fisherman over the ones following solunar theories, basing their decisions on something that may or may not work at all.

Jason Farr has provided an insight into just how understanding your target species and being prepared to do the work is the most effective way to landing any species of fish on a regular basis. Jason writes “Great mornings fishing. Struggled for an hour or 2, moved around on my electric motor till I found them. The first live bait didn’t reach the bottom before it was hit, went from nothing to 4 in 20mins. Patience paid off as I was ready to go home with nothing about half an hour before the tide change. Thanks Ryan, the course really changed my thinking.”

Where other fisho’s may have packed up and gone home, Jason persisted, having faith that he was using the right technique, at the right time, in the right territory and it made the difference between having a great session or going home empty-handed.


A final word from Steve

You really can’t go wrong with any course you choose to participate in, everyone who joins is always welcomed and given all the tools to creating their own fishing success, not only in Australia but the world over.

You may never hear or see of the more successful members, but this is your insight into what you can expect when becoming a member. The groups are filled with some of arguably Australia’s most accomplished fisho’s and because they don’t come with any flashy social media presence or fanfare, doesn’t mean these high-class anglers don’t exist! They well and truly exist inside each and every one of Ryan’s private study groups.

Being a part of it all and rubbing shoulders with the best is only a membership away and there’s not a single member yet who can say that they are disappointed. Everyone learns, everyone shares, take the plunge and get involved.